Thursday, February 6, 2014

Strange Bedfellow

Somehow a shard of glass broke off from my dresser top and found its way into my bed last night where it managed to slice my arm. Branden had to get creative and make a custom band-aid because the kind we had weren't long enough to cover the cut. How this happened, I have no idea. This is just my life and most of my injuries are in odd ways.

Some examples:

  • If there are any uncovered floor vents in a room, I will find a way to fall into them. 
  • If I am eating something that would be considered unpleasant to inhale or shoot out of your nose, I will most likely accomplish the painful feat. (nachos with lime guacamole and a cinnamon tic tac are on my top most unfortunate items) 
  • If for some reason the accident includes a tree, the result will end in stitches. 
  • Before my 10 years is up to renew my tetanus shot, I will find a way to make sure I renew it early. (last time it was from falling down plywood stairs in a construction home and that was almost 10 years ago so I don't really want to know what could be coming)

All this to say that I am not surprised that a random shard of glass found its way into my bed and cut me last night, but I still don't do well with pain or blood so now I'm afraid of the bed...and Branden just left for Dublin for an overnight trip.

Anyone else have any odd injury stories??


  1. My dad dropped an iron on my head when I was two years old. Not on purpose. But he was getting something out of a high cupboard (the one above the fridge) and I shot between his legs to see what he was up to and I looked up and the iron hit my in the forehead. Blood, yes. Stitches, no. Just a butterfly bandage. But I have the scar to prove it! : - )

  2. Breaking my back wasn't really odd. I've never found glass in my bed. When I was in high school, I don't know why but my boyfriend put an M&M up my nose. It was a most uncomfortable feeling, but I got it out pretty quickly. No. Nothing very odd here.


  3. Not sure if my comment took...

    I was cross country skiing with friends, and a deer passed between us. I nearly collided with it, twisted my ankle falling, and my friends had to help me out to the car. They've never let me live it down, always reminding me to watch out for the deer when we go skiing.

  4. I was jumping on my mom's bed when I was probably 4 and gashed my head open on her headboard & got stitches (they were red & black!!) Funny part is, a couple years later my brother had to have stitches in the exact same place on top of his head from a diving board.

  5. I'm not as accident prone as you seem to be, but I do have a knack for getting tiny things too small to see, but large enough to cause pain stuck in my feet. Have you ever had a doctor stick a needle in your heel to inject you with novacaine so you won't feel the pain of them carving your foot to pieces like a pumpkin on Halloween? The needle hurts as much as the shard of whatever it was stuck in my heel. Anyway, I'm not trying to compare scars or weird injuries. I hope you don't get hurt while Branden is gone.

  6. Oh so young one, are you trying to ursurp me as Queen of the Random Accidents? I wouldn't bother. It's really not that much fun. Be careful.

  7. Careful, young one, careful lest you become the new Queen of Random Accidents.

  8. Padded Cell Princes..... that's quite a list you got that. Hope the arm won't be needing bandage for much longer. I once got a bee in my mouth. Not much fun, I tell ya. How's life? It's been such a long time! I was ill for six months, virtually blind but now I'm pretty much okay again. I hope you're doing fine.



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