Friday, August 29, 2014

So it's been a while....

It's been quite a while. There have been a lot of changes since I've been away and life has been very busy! Here's a quick overview:

  • we moved into a house
  • Branden is very close to being totally done with his thesis and being a student
  • we have a niece!
  • we tried durian fruit...not too bad
  • we've started a young adults group (with other friends) at our church and multiple other branch off groups from that
  • we got a cat!
  • we had our 5 year wedding anniversary
  • we've been doing some fishing lately
  • we've had a few jam sessions in our house with Branden's musical friends
  • WE GOT A CAT!!!
Okay, I may have mentioned the last one already but it's a biggie! There are things I'm completely missing but I'm tired and can't remember the past few months all that well. There was a tough bit for a while when we first moved when I was going through a bit of depression and my anxiety was through the roof. That was our finally push to get the cat. She is like my therapy cat and she really has made a huge difference. 

I wrote something the other day while I was watching her sleep. You can read it HERE on my other blog. 

This is Rogue. She fell asleep while cleaning her belly.