Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Skinny Dipping Story

Well thank you everyone for your well wishing comments about my cousins visit. We had a great time! They even were able to stay in one of the vacant rooms in our house which was really handy. Due to getting no sleep the night before because of a door slamming all night in one of the vacant rooms, trekking all around Cork to make sure that I showed my cousin as much as I could, and then a late night of catching up, Branden and I were exhausted yesterday. We took a nap, rented Thor on iTunes, and generally spent the day as slugs. Luckily we caught up on our sleep as we were awakened by the doorbell this morning at 10:30. 

I shared a condensed version of this story on Bodacious Boomer's blog and figured I should give the full version to everyone. Enjoy and I'll be hopefully getting around to everyone's blogs sometime today and seeing how you all have been!

Published on the original Padded Cell Confessions in October of 2005:

Two summers ago, my two girlfriends (Gabi & Alicia) and I took a road trip to Vegas. This was our second road trip together; the first was the previous summer. On our first road trip we attempted to go skinny dipping but with our twisted dumb luck we didn't get to. Gabi was determined that our Vegas trip would be a great time to fulfill our failed attempt. The first day of driving brought us to Lake Shasta, CA at about 11:00 p.m. We saw this as our golden opportunity and pulled onto a lake access road. We found a secluded boat launch and started shedding our clothing.

Gabi was first to go in. As she was entering the water there was a click noise, bright flash, and giggle from Alicia as she held one of our many disposable cameras! Gabi was not too happy and I forced Alicia to put the camera away before I was about to step foot in the water! She put it away and both of us entered the lake. It was really cold, the bottom was really mucky, and it took a long time to get in deep...which is not good when you're trying to skinny dip! Needless to say, we didn't stay in too long. 

Gabi was the first out and I came out second, discretely covering myself. When I uncovered to grab my towel, it happened, flash, giggle! Gabi got me full on and like 5 feet away! I could have killed her! But this is where it actually gets ironically crazy; cuz if the story stopped here it wouldn't be a true Maggie moment. The next morning we ate breakfast at a little kid park. My purse was stolen from the bench as we played on the jungle gym! It was a huge mess but we managed to have a good road trip anyway...lots of stories from this one!

When we developed all of our cameras after the trip, we noticed some specific pictures missing. The skinny dipping camera pics were nowhere to be found, nor the other pics we took on the same camera. Then it struck us like rocks in a snowball fight...the camera was in my purse that was stolen! If the guy who took it wanted to use the rest of the film and got it developed...Oh My! I could have my own website and not even know it! My mom said at least he didn't know who I was or where I lived...Ummm, he had my drivers license so yeah he knows everything...including that I lied about my weight! 

Moral of the Story: Don't lie about your weight on your driver's don't know who might see your naked road trip pics!


  1. Second Moral of the Story: don't leave your purse next to the birthday cake when you leave to go down the kiddie slide....

    Third Moral of the Story: always keep crime scene tape in the car, just in case ;)

  2. Oh my goodness Alicia, I totally forgot about the crime scene tape and how we marked out our park bench! Our road trips were amazing!

  3. We've all been there.

    The skinny dipping part, not the having our purses stolen part.

    Did the thief ever mail you the pictures and your license back?

  4. Perhaps your husband was the purse thief and was so entranced by the pictures that he sought you out and married you. There's a story for you.

  5. Joshua, he didn't try and send anything back but he did try and buy some cell phones with my checks which thankfully were stopped since I reported them stolen. I have always wondered if maybe he set up a porn site with the photos but as per my secret post, you can imagine how hard it would to weed through the google searches of my name ;)

    Tony...I don't know if he was old enough to drive at that time (wow, that makes me sound like a cradle robber!). I like that story though!

  6. Oh my gosh!! LOL! Soo funny/embarrassing. I LOVE this whole post AND that last line. :0)

  7. Well I haven't tripped across your naked pics online yet kiddo. But unless you're on Amish amputee little people porn sites, I probably won't anyway.

  8. lol Holy hell! We truly are little twinsters aren't we? Love it. I'm so glad to know this crap doesn't just happen to me.
    Love your face girl. Thanks for the laugh.

  9. Elisa, like you need a reason to lie on your driver's license...and you've had 5 kids! ...although if someone stole your license, they may see that your mom was a cow ;)

    Boomer, lol! Since they are Amish though and can't show their naughty ankles since they are amputees, do they flash their elbow nubs instead???

    Melynda, I'm just hoping after reading your blog today, that I don't have a large mammal attempt to snack on my hair at some point because ODDLY, that hasn't happened to me yet! (Hard to believe, I know!)

  10. If I had a nickle for every time that had happened to me, I'd have five cents...;)

  11. Hmmm Maggie, with that stolen camera and its photos, who knows? You may become famous! :-) (not a nice thought huh?) - Dave


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