Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Saved by the Landlady

Yesterday Branden and I were in our room when we heard our landlady show up with what sounded like some people to look at the last vacant room we have in the house. We hesitated on if we should go out and introduce ourselves or not, but then I heard the landlady's baby start to cry, so I popped my shoes on and headed out the door.

I don't even think the landlady said 'hi' to me or stopped saying whatever she was saying to the potential new tenant, she just handed me the baby and I took her into the living room to calm her down. The landlady did finally finish what she was saying and popped out to her car to get a bottle since the baby was still fussing. As she was out, I finally noticed who she was showing the house to...and discovered that they had noticed me!

There was a younger guy who was a student and was going to be the one renting the room but his dad was with him (and his dad seemed like the very forward type since he'd been the only one I'd head talking so far). Once the landlady popped out to get the bottle, loud dad's attention was no longer on the house his son would potentially be living in.

Loud Dad: "So, are you good with babies?"

Me (oblivious): "I'm fairly good. Since I'm the youngest of my family, I've grown up with older cousins who got married and had kids when I was young, so I've always been around babies."

Loud Dad: "...Well, that's good!"

Thankfully the landlady got back in, passed me the bottle and then continued her schpeel about the house. She started telling them about who lives in the house and what they do (not yet mentioning Branden or myself) and started asking me who she was missing. Loud Dad saw this as yet another opportunity.

Loud Dad: "So, what do you do or study?"

Me (at this point I'm realizing that Loud Dad is too keen and things are finally clicking that he's not excited about the house but at the thought that this house comes with a potential wife for his son...likes babies, probably a smart student...) "...I actually..."

Landlady (very abruptly, almost as if she realized the situation long before I did): "Her husband is a PhD student!"

Loud Dad: "Oh! I'm sorry! Ok..."

Instantly I became invisible, like my wedding ring must have been during this brief encounter, and they all moved on to see the house. I fed the baby her bottle, got her to smile big for me and when the house tour was finally over, they didn't even say goodbye.

When I came back in our room after the landlady left, I laughed and told Branden that I haven't been in that scenario for a long time! I explained what had happened and we chatted a bit about how many times each of us had parents trying to set us up with their sons or daughters...and really, if I'm honest, I haven't missed it!


  1. Wait...you're married?!

  2. LOL...I don't miss that either. My mom was always trying fix me up with people.

  3. Branden should have wandered out & gave you a big kiss instead of hiding!

  4. Joshua...shocker, I know!

    Paige, luckily my mom pretty much left me alone but my grandma was pretty horrible! She tried setting my sis up with someone once and told her about how nice and smart he was...so you hardly would notice all the moles on his face!

    Lisa, that would have been the icing on the cake but he was oblivious to it all and being a good son-in-law waiting for my mom to get on skype.

  5. Parents are sooo hilarious! My mom tried to set me up a couple times too *giggles*

  6. Elisa, I know! Parents trying to set up their kids are crazy!! *Cough*youandMelynda*Cough* ;)

    Boomer, if I hadn't been so oblivious at first, I should have asked the son if he gets all of his girlfriends through his dad!

  7. My mom set me up once on this horrific date. I've never cussed at my mom before, but I did after that date...and yes, I've apologized. :)


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