Monday, September 19, 2011

Monday Music & Ramblings

I should address quickly a question that was brought up a few times from my post about Granny the Axe Murderer. What happened when the carpet layers pulled back the carpet? Sadly, I can't remember! I think Granny left when they arrived so she didn't have to see their reactions but I will try to remember to check with mom next time I Skype her.

I should apologize for not being as attentive to all of my blog friends in the past week. Branden got a cold early last week so I spent a lot of time watching old Disney movies and keeping him snuggled up so that he would rest and get over it quicker. Thankfully he's feeling much better today since he is starting his Latin course this morning. And another big thank goodness is that I haven't caught it!! He's past the contagious point so I am in the clear which is a first! Every time he gets sick, he always passes it on to me and I get it 10x's worse! He gets a cold and it turns into me getting a cold AND a sinus infection! I am so relieved that I've dodged the bullet this time!

My littlest baby nephew just had his 1st birthday party. His birthday isn't until the 23rd but they are in the process of moving across the country today so the celebration had to be before they left. I've seen a few photos and I just can't believe how big he is! Thinking "where has time gone?" was also not helped when I received an email notification that my 10 year class reunion is in preliminary plans and being held next summer...isn't Facebook the equivalent of going to a virtual class reunion, expect with the added bonus that you can choose who you wish to catch up with?? I doubt I will be back in the States for the reunion. I also don't know if 10 years is really enough time for some classmates to get together and show how grown up and out of high school they really are. Maybe I'll get excited for the 20th, because at least then we'd look a little different!

This is becoming a bit of a ramble so to add to it, I miss having a bathtub! We did have one in Scotland but I used to say it was made for Chinese midgets as it was the tiniest tub I had ever seen. Our bathroom in Cork only has a shower, and it's a nice shower, but I call it the bank deposit tube because I feel like I'm entering into those clear plastic suction tubes at the drive up bank lane. If any women out there reading this have a tiny corner shower like me, could you please share how in the world you manage to shave your legs in that thing??? I have tried sitting on the toilet lid, on the floor, wedging myself up in it and trying to bring my leg close enough to my face so I can see it (being practically blind doesn't help!) and standing with one leg in while stretching over to rinse the razor in the sink....goodness I miss my midget tub.

So for my music today, I'm going to rub salt in my tub lusting wound and share a Melody Gardot song. She has an incredible voice, her music is dead sexy and she gets to do a music video in a massive tub! She can even fit a man in a suit in it with her...who doesn't have that fantasy!?! Ok, so I would probably be screaming at Branden if he just ruined a dry clean only suit, but hey, it sounds hot!

Enjoy your tubs for me and enjoy today's music!

*Disclaimer: I am not to be held responsible for any children made from listening to this song or all of the other songs on Melody Gardot's fabulous album!


  1. Since your diminutive shower requires that you do all deforestation activities outside it's small confines, just get thee a bowl, a towel, a razor etc. and go sit on you bed and do your thing. Then hop in the shower when you're done.

    You won't live there forever.

  2. I had my 10 year high school reunion a few years ago... I was not a huge fan. I think mainly because it was expensive and then turned out to be basically the same atmosphere as going out to a club on a Friday night. Seems like I could have just done that and seen a lot of the same people. And yes, facebook totally removes the anticipation of seeing people you haven't seen in 10 years.

    Yeah, I think I'd be opting for the sink for leg shaving :( or Nair?

  3. lol Oh memories of Europe and their small tubs. Thanks for reminding me of one more thing I'm grateful for.
    I hope Branden feels better soon but having the same issue as you do ( I swear someone can sneeze a mile away and I'll get sick) I'm so glad you didn't catch it. Thanks for going back and reading so many of my post. I will be featuring your blog in the near future. I'll let you know when.

  4. Don't shave, use Nair. Just saying.

  5. My heart bleeds for your tubby loss!! I have one of those huge antique claw-foot tubs and I couldn't imagine life without it!! I would try sitting on the shower floor for the shaving of the legs.... good luck, oh and thanks for the hilarious bathroom visuals!!

  6. Boomer, I'm not sure if I have a bowl big enough but I'll have to look into that one! We could have possibly moved to a room upstairs that has a big Jacuzzi tub in it...but I have a bad record with stairs and it is on the side of the house that gets all the traffic noise (and a few other reasons) so we decided to stay. One day we will get a tub so I do like to dream about it ;)

    Queen B, thank you for confirming my thoughts! I just can't seem to see a point of a 10 year reunion. I didn't party with the kids of my class anyway (or even party at all) so I don't know why I'd start! Nair is a decent option but I am not good at timing it right so the last time I left it on too long and got a rash on my thighs...not a pretty look! ;)

    Melynda, your welcome for the reminder and when your mom comes to visit, let her use your big tub as much as she wants to (unless she has installed her own big tub in France). I loved catching up on all of your past posts, they were a great way to start my morning!

  7. Ok, two of you snuck in while I was commenting... ;)

    Joshua, if you see the last bit of my response to Queen B, it explains my hesitation to Nair.

    Dreamer, claw foot tub!?!?! Be still my heart!!! Sitting on the shower floor is the 'easiest' way except that I have to have help to get up off the floor since I have nothing to pull myself up with and my feet are wet and's sad for a 27 year old...

  8. LOL! OH and I LOVE that disclaimer :0)

  9. 1. Just heard that song at Starbucks! funny! I have always loved your musical taste.
    2. I don't understand why there aren't more electric shavers for women like there are for men! It's not fair and I'd much rather not shave in the shower.... I'm thinking of investing in an men's electric razor soon! (plus then I could take it to the hospital/clinic with me!)

  10. Elisa, you can never be too careful with this serious baby makin music!

    Alicia, I used to have a girly electric razor with flowers on it and everything. It was pretty amazing but it got old and died. I used to use it in my car on my way to bad, I know!


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