Monday, September 26, 2011

Trololo Monday

I had every intention of sharing a song that gives me goosebumps every time I hear it, but sleeping with a sock in my hair really took a lot of seriousness out of my day. I feel there may be some of you who find this a bit odd but there is method in some of my madness. This weekend I was introduced to the most time sucking, wonderfully addicting and fabulously fun thing EVER (besides Branden).

Where has this been all of my internet life!?! Needless to say, I have spent hours already searching through craft ideas, furniture ideas, fashions and jewelry and then marking them so I don't forget them (great for a person like me with the memory of a goldfish). I have discovered so many amazing things and ideas, like labeling a spray bottle "monster spray", decorate it to be all cute, fill it with water and then use to ward off monsters for your scared kid (this is currently working for me with the giant spiders right now, although I have a few drops of lemon essential oil in mine which is supposed to repel them). I know, I know, I don't have kids and we aren't planning on having any for at least another 4 or 5 years but I don't have the mental capacity to hold on to this little nugget of info so Pintrest can just save it for me! Also, there are lots of fun home ideas and having a home is another thing that we won't have for a long, long time, but I can dream and save ideas while I wait. There are also fun beauty tips, which is where the sock in my hair comes into play...despite sounding very anti-beauty...which it is in away.

Anyhoo, as my mind was exploding with the magnificent array of things on Pintrest, I saw a couple of people with photos of their lovely long hair with gorgeous big curls in it and saying that they did it with a sock bun. Luckily there was a youtube video link and hey presto! I decided to give it a whirl, but sadly I think I need to work on my technique a bit more because my hair did the usual and laughed at my efforts to make it anything but ruler strait.

*shakes fist at boring hair* Why can't you be more like Branden's hair?? It's all nice and curly! Tonight you had better cooperate or I may have to sell you to the gypsies!

So how on earth am I going to turn this into a song for today?? Basically it boils down to me being a simple girl who is easily amused, which is why I scrapped my serious song for one of my favorite song moments!


  1. Uh've found Pinterest? Talk about a time suck!

  2. I'm home today. Peanut has a mild temperature and sore I'll have to listen and watch later, but pintrest is pretty cool.
    Have a most wonderful day/night! I'm off to sew up a hole in one of Peanut's stuffies (no, not Barkley)

  3. What i wanna know is who was the twisted freak who first decided to TRY this sock idea? Did this happen by accident?? Was it a result of a drunken slumber party? Accidental poisoning? Prank? Hmmm...

  4. Joshua, Branden shares your thoughts!

    Stephanie, oh poor Peanut! I hope she gets feeling better soon!! At least she has you there to mom her up :) (thank goodness Barkley is safe and sound!)

    Dreamer, I have wondered that because it is a bit random! Drunk slumber party prank is my vote!

  5. I really need to check out Pintrest, but I have no idea what I'm doing. I just got on triberr (however that is spelled lol!)

    P. S. That clip is EPIC :0)

  6. Elisabeth - I can send you an invite if you want one.

  7. Pintrest looks like ffffound, only better.

  8. At first I had assumed that this girlie 'pinterest' site would have nothing for me, but I clicked it anyway. Then I did a search for something that has been sucking my wallet dry lately for reasons that I cannot explain - solar. Tons of ideas for cool solar lights! Now I'm hooked, too.

  9. I also have never heard of Pintrest until now...but it sounds wonderful. I also must know more about this "sock technique"...LOL

  10. Thanks for your comment on my blog today. That really meant a lot to me. I need to remember what you wrote, every time I think about the whole issue ;)

  11. Elisa, You have to check it out!!! There are some fun kid ideas and great craft projects too. Your welcome for the comment today. In all seriousness tough, my mom is in your boat but after shopping and living with me, she is so grateful for what she has! ;)

    Mike, I have no clue what ffffffound is but I'm sure Pintrest could kick the stutter out of it!

    Fail, There are tons of girly things but there are also some killer home ideas, work projects and awesome tech stuff. I just wish they had a car section because I think most girls would like that category and it would give more interest to men on the site.

    Paige, after some testing and trying, I am not convinced that the sock technique is just a secret plot to make women around the world look stupid and not very legit! True it apparently worked for some few people but my hair isn't buying it.


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