Tuesday, September 27, 2011

No Signs of Intelligent Life before 11am

I think I have mentioned this before, but I am not a morning person. If mornings started at noon then I probably would be a morning person but as that is not so, mornings to me are horrid things created to disrupt the most peaceful part of my day. My mom is not a morning person either and neither is my sis. Mornings at my house growing up were sluggish, and grunting was the closest form of communication we could muster. Without having to use the tired muscles on our drooping faces, we would grunt out our "good morning", "do you want cereal?" and "I'm going back to bed". Usually I take about a good hour of having my eyes open to become physically awake. Heaven forbid I have to do something as soon as I wake up because my brain is even lazier than I am and is probably only awake as much as a house cat. 

The other day, I posted this as my status on my personal Facebook account and my mom's comment is still cracking me up (and terrifying me since this is my genetic future!)

Dear Sleep,
I don't think you realize how much you mean to me. My world falls apart if I can't have at least 9 hour of you at night. I don't know what I did to offend you, but you can't just come in and out through the night like a cat. I just washed the sheets and flipped the mattress, it's all cozy for you. Please come back tonight or else I'll have to leave you for coffee.

Mom's comment:

woke at 7:07-late for walk with Megan. Get home-stand at front door pressing "unlock" on car remote. Beep behind jolts me into reality. Try to make coffee-forgot the coffee. Wish I could go back to bed-brain must still be there sleeping. Can't even blame it on the grandkids.


  1. I understand your feelings completely. If I didn't have to speak to anyone before 10am I'd be a much happier person for sure.

    Enjoy your sleep why you can young one. Sadly, as you get older it becomes an even more precious commodity.

  2. Boomer, these next 4 or 5 years before having kids are my
    'sleep heaven' years so I hope to get in as much as I can!

  3. Please, please, please tell me that the picture is one your mom took for illustration. That would just make my day. Also, I'm not a morning person, but I can at least fake it since I'm up between 5-530 and at work at 7am.

  4. Hahaha! Sorry, but no, that's not my mom...although when Branden saw it, he thought it looked a little bit like my mom! If it was my mom, she would have her head down like that over the embarrassment of the red carpet!

  5. I so wanted to stay in bed this morning and cuddle with my Peanut. Darn! Now I want a nap!

  6. Is she feeling any better today? I like naps but my version of a nap is a good 2 hours where as Branden likes to nap for 20 minutes...I can't even fall asleep in that time!

  7. I wasn't a morning person until I had the babies. They convinced me that sleeping in is overrated, and that everyone wants to see the sun come up...don't they? Even if I want to sleep in now, my body won't let me...yeesh.

  8. Yes, Peanut is much better. Thank you for asking! I am the queen of POWER NAPS...and I can take them anywhere.

  9. Paige, funny how those kids just turn you into a morning person. I will say that the only thing I have ever found to make me wide awake and alert was when I stayed with my sis and her son would cry. My auntie/motherly instinct quite surprised me!

    Stephanie, I'm so glad to hear she's much better! It's no fun being sick when you are a kid (at least when you are an adult, you want to stay home!). You are lucky to be good a power naps. My body has no idea what they are and goes on strike if I try it...


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