Thursday, February 6, 2014

Strange Bedfellow

Somehow a shard of glass broke off from my dresser top and found its way into my bed last night where it managed to slice my arm. Branden had to get creative and make a custom band-aid because the kind we had weren't long enough to cover the cut. How this happened, I have no idea. This is just my life and most of my injuries are in odd ways.

Some examples:

  • If there are any uncovered floor vents in a room, I will find a way to fall into them. 
  • If I am eating something that would be considered unpleasant to inhale or shoot out of your nose, I will most likely accomplish the painful feat. (nachos with lime guacamole and a cinnamon tic tac are on my top most unfortunate items) 
  • If for some reason the accident includes a tree, the result will end in stitches. 
  • Before my 10 years is up to renew my tetanus shot, I will find a way to make sure I renew it early. (last time it was from falling down plywood stairs in a construction home and that was almost 10 years ago so I don't really want to know what could be coming)

All this to say that I am not surprised that a random shard of glass found its way into my bed and cut me last night, but I still don't do well with pain or blood so now I'm afraid of the bed...and Branden just left for Dublin for an overnight trip.

Anyone else have any odd injury stories??