Wednesday, December 21, 2011

*Cough* *Hack* *Sneeze*

It's another day and I'm still not feeling well. Branden did a wonderful job of taking care of me yesterday but I think he was really hoping for my sore throat to cause me to lose my voice...

I will admit it, I am completely pathetic and miserable when I'm sick. Whenever I was sick growing up, my mom would get me cozy on the couch, let me watch tv all day, and bring me anything I wanted. Branden's mom did this to him too but he didn't enjoy it so much. He said that he would go crazy just laying around all day...I find that silly.

I sometimes think that he knows me too well for us to only have been married for 2.5 years. Although I think we spend more time together than most any other newlywed couple. We had a conversation last night in bed that had me laughing and amazed at how well he knew my mind.

Branden: You are already needy when you aren't sick but when you are sick, you get extra needy. (note: "Needy" isn't a bad term in our house. It usually refers to our need to be cuddled and loved on) Any little thing can cause you to go into a tantrum. Like when I gave you your hot toddy and you tried to put it on your side table but there was another mug in the way.

Me: (In my head I'm thinking, Oh yes, I had too much stuff on my side table so there was only one place to put my mug...but another mug was in the way and I didn't know what to do. All I did was let out one miserable moan of frustration and Branden seemed to know instantly what my "dilemma" was.")

Branden: That's why when you whined, I instantly told you to just hand me the empty mug. You were on the verge of losing it just because a mug was in your way! If you weren't sick, you would have just put it over on the dresser but when you are sick, you can't seem to make any extra effort and expect everything to be done and perfect for you.

Me: (laughing at how scarily spot on he was) That is exactly what I was thinking! It's kind of freaky that you know me this well. I'm sorry you have to deal with me when I'm sick and miserable. You take such good care of me.

So yes, I am a miserable whiner when I don't feel good. Luckily Branden knows how to deal with me well enough but he's off to work all day today so I have to handle my tantrums on my own...and my night table is still cluttered...

So who wants to come take care of me???


  1. Sorry you have the flu. Whiskey. Whiskey. Whiskey. That is all.

  2. Sorry you're sick. I'm a miserable when I'm sick. I whine, whine and whine some more. My husband and I have been married 2 years and 3 months, and we know each other really well. It surprises me every day at how well he knows me! We even finish each others sentences like some old married couple.

  3. Gee thee a humidifier young one and drink, drink, drink- clear fluids.

    And don't fret about taking on- remember the Man Cold?

    Feel better kiddo.

  4. Joshua, after having the hot toddy last night, whiskey is the way to go. Branden is picking more up tonight!

    Alicia, ...separated at birth...??? ;) So glad you found me!

    Boomer, can't do a humidifier...the mold in the house is bad enough but oddly, I'm not really congested. I've never quite felt this type of sick before. it's just my throat and some random cavity way back (possibly in with my brain) in my sinuses that is creating nasties. Maybe it's my brain melting and draining down my throat...
    LOVE the Man Cold!!! Sadly that is more me and not Branden but I still know plenty of men that it fits well!!

  5. You're (sort of) lucky you've only been married 2 1/2 years--you're still allowed to go to bed when you're sick. When you have kids, that will change!

  6. I'll take care of you, Princess. I'm on the way. Hold your breath till I arrive. It will make the time go faster. And don't ever apologize to your husband for having needs. It sets up a bad pattern that you can never reverse.


  7. I love when you write stories about your relationship with Brandon...It's so refreshing to hear about good, strong bonds.
    Feel better!
    And I'm a whiner too...but Peanut and the cats could care less. :)

  8. Well I would for sure! Except you wouldn't be whining we would have a blast!

  9. Fishducky, I totally thought of that today. If I had kids, then I'd have to just buck up and keep going...I'm glad it's just me and Branden!

    Lola, I held my breath but oddly, I just took a bit of a 'nap' while waiting....hmmm
    Thanks for looking out for me. I don't ever apologize for being needy but I will apologize for being ridiculous (like my tantrum). Branden likes my 'neediness' because he is quite the snuggler and loves that I need him near me all the time ;)

    Stephanie. thank you! I love that I can write stories. Lord knows it was a completely different story in the relationships before him. Here's to healthy relationships!

    Melynda, we would have a blast (and I probably would lose my voice!) :)

  10. I wholeheartedly agree with Joshua on this one, you and hubby are true soulmates. Get better soon.

  11. I also become a psychobeast when I'm sick...and I've been sick a lot this f*ing winter. If I go on antibiotics one more time I'm going to shoot scones out of my vaj. Hope u feel better soon!

  12. Aw! That is True Love!! Branden gets a big gold star for understanding your the madness that makes you tick! Sorta made my heart go all mushy for a minute!!

    I hope you feel better in time for Christmas. I just got over being super sick, but I didn't have anyone to take care of me. However my BFF did stop by one day with a giant bottle of Ginger Ale. That counts, right??

  13. First of all, LMAO at that last picture...go away flu kitteh. I'd come take care of you, but our whole house is just now getting over being sick, after an entire week of it ...ugh. I can finally breathe, but there was no one to take care of me, so I had to stack my mugs on top of eachother until they almost fell on my Kindle and ruined my life. I feel you...:(

  14. Sorry you are still not well Maggie. Keep warm, drink plenty of water and sleep. That ought to do it. If it doesn't, well, what harm is done? :-) - Dave

  15. Hope you get to feeling better soon.


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