Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Maybe there is such a thing as too much chocolate?

Somehow yesterday, I completely forgot to also mention my string of lights that I made from needle felting.

It's hard to see but I have blue, red, yellow, and green felted bulbs sewed to a cord. I have made other ornaments but I just haven't taken photos of them.

Today is a weird day. I got a lot done yesterday, we sent out the boy's toys, went to the bank, and even met up with some friends for the most amazing hot chocolate. I had a cinnamon dark chocolate and it was practically like drinking 3 melted chocolate bars...which isn't as good as it sounds. It was so thick, I started to feel a bit sick and had everyone else help me finish it. As Branden and I walked home, I started to feel more sick and more sick. I ended up sticking close to the bathroom for a few hours and then I went to bed at 7:30pm.

I don't know what it is about sleeping while sick but I always seem to dream that I have a lot to do, so then I end up having very stressful and restless sleep. Finally at 3am, I took advantage of something fabulous that Chrissy sent me and I just got on Saturday...Tylenol PM! It was a generic version but worked wonders! We don't have fabulous things like that over here so I was grateful to have it last night.

My stomach is better today but I still feel off. My throat is scratchy and phlegmy and I am wiped out. I think my body is debating on either to give me a cold or a flu but is taking it's time deciding. Luckily Branden has today off so he's been taking care of me.

Well, I may just take a nap. Hopefully my body doesn't decide to kill me as a third, random option. There are lots of fun Christmas movies and shows on so at least I will die happy. Too bad nobody over here knows what "A Christmas Story" is so I can't flip to a 48hr marathon of it at any given time.


  1. Poor Princess! At least if you are coming down with the flu or a cold, you have no reason to blame the chocolate. Chocolate should never be blamed for anything.


  2. I'm sorry you're down with the miseries kiddo. No one should ever be sick for Christmas. Flood your body with copious amounts of chicken soup and Theraflu.

    Feel better soon.

  3. Holy crap! I've been sick for days now too. Same kind of symptoms.. So tired constantly and if I keep coughing I'm going to lose my bladder control.
    I love Harrison Ford. He is one hot man. Just had a thought. If you have the flu and everyone helped you finish your hot chocolate aren't they gonna get it too?

  4. I told you the laptop had a virus, but I thought I got rid of it!

  5. It had to be that you were getting the flu. I hope yo're feeling better soon1

    Repeat after me: THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS TOO MUCH CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Sorry for the typo's above. It's not me--it's my computer. I didn't say it was the computer's fault--I just said I'm BLAMING IT!!

  7. Thank you all and yes, I am considering making a sacrifice to the Chocolate gods for such blasphemy! There is no way that chocolate could ever make me feel bad! (except those 30 mins or so after drinking that rich coco!)

  8. "The cat deserved it", says a dog person.


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