Wednesday, December 7, 2011

My Wild Party Days...

Growing up in a town with a city population under of 5,000, with a majority of that population being senior citizens, there wasn't much to do...there still isn't. A lot of my childhood activities included hunting and fishing with my dad. I was his tom-boy, so I've been bear hunting, deer hunting, grouse hunting, salmon and trout fishing, crabbing, shrimping, and clamming. When I got to high school, my girly friends and I had to come up with other things to do.

There was a 'dance club' but only sad cases (or as we loving called them, "losers") went there, so that was out. Restaurants closed at about 8:30pm, except one that was open till the wee hours of 10pm, so that was out too. The next town over did have a 24 hour cafe open but it was at the docks and lots of creepy, grimy men went not a chance. We liked to try to stay up all night so we needed some form of entertainment, and the only places open for 24 hours were the grocery stores!

On a Friday night, me and the girls would watch a movie and chat till about 2am, when we just couldn't take being in anymore; then it was off to the grocery store, blanket in hand. We would usually buy some cookies or something to snack on, lay the blanket in the magazine isle, and sit, snack and read magazines for a while! It was late, so no customers would come in, and we were welcome company for the bored employees. When one of our stores was under construction, we went there and would talk to the construction guys. We read them their horoscopes and did quizzes; it was actually pretty fun!

There were always other things we could have been doing but none of us were party people, and our parents trusted us and gave us the freedom we craved. In high school, I only went to one party and it was by random chance. A group of us were hanging out when someone got a call from their friend who was at a party, drunk, and needed to be picked up. So we all piled into the car, parked it in a store parking lot down the road, walked to the party and tried to find him in the smelly, nasty mess of drunk teens. When we finally did find him, we heard someone yell, "If you aren't 21 you better run cuz the cops are here!" Since my friends and I hadn't been drinking, except the one we were picking up, we didn't know what to do. I looked at my friend Alicia and with a smile said, "What other chance are WE ever going to get to run from the cops?"

So we took off through a field, someone lost a shoe, I got my leg tangled in a blackberry bush, but we made it to the car and it was one of the most fun things we did! What a rush! I went home that night and woke my mom up to tell her, she laughed and said we were dorks!

Now that you know what kind of a party girl I am, I find this video a bit fitting. A friend of mine here shared it with me and I died laughing! He has other videos too but I still thing this is the best one.


  1. Shame, shame, shame--everybody knows your name!

    Don't tell me that's the wildest thing you've ever done'--you bad, bad girl, you!!

  2. I am absolutely dying with laughter!!! When they were redoing the floors at QFC I'm pretty sire we got a little "high" on the fumes.....and going to that party was one of our most ridiculously awesome adventures!!!

  3. I once flashed my boobies hanging out the sunroof of my friends car as he was driving down the road. Oh...ooops! I thought this was confession time...well, er, was 3am, so nobody even saw me.
    Other than that, my life is dull.

  4. Oh man, I remember hearing that story... I like the hanging out at Safeway reading magazinez!!! that is awesome! :D

  5. LOL! OH my gosh! That run through the field was epic. This is just too much fun!

  6. I love the idea of an impromptu party at the grocery store. I've seen videos of people who take a group and play Pictionary while sitting in a room display at Ikea.

  7. lmao my kind of party girl! That guy was ridiculous! Was he drunk? I'm gonna have to show this to Meaghan. She'll love it.

  8. I was home schooled. That story sounded pretty wild to me...LMAO


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