Monday, April 30, 2012

A baby, a dress, and a fit of laughter

Marcie had her baby on Thursday and they are well! I've seen some photos on facebook and he is absolutely adorable! They are all getting settled and hopefully will get to go home today. Thanks for all your wishes and prayers!

Branden and I went shopping on Friday. We've been looking for new jeans for Branden and I've been in search of a teapot for a while. While we were in a clothing shop, I was drawn to a particular item of clothing that I long for but have never owned...a maxi dress. Yes, I know that I am only 5'2" and a floor length dress will make me look like a stump made of fabric, but there is just something about this dress that makes tall, stick figured women, look fabulous, would transform my curvy, short, feminine body into something similar to an overstuffed sausage, I like. This is why I don't own a maxi dress, because I fight this constant struggle of "I love it but I shouldn't have it if I want to look remotely decent". So anyway, I spied the maxi dress display and made a beeline for it. As I flipped through them, I told Branden all the reasons why I shouldn't wear one and how I thought just the right style and pattern may just work if I could just find it. Then it whole maxi dream was my husband's rare moment of common sense.

"Mags, just look at how high the hanger is in comparison to you. You couldn't wear it if you wanted to." He obviously stated with a small grin on his face.

My face dropped. I had never thought of this before. My eyes gazed at the dress, the fabric reaching the floor, and the straps, hanging from a hanger that reached the very tip-top of my head! In slight sadness, but mostly ridiculous realization, I started cracking up! Heavens, I pretty much could have muffled my giggles in the dresses waistline! Why had I not realized this before?? I consider myself to be very practical, but I would have reached far above my head, grabbed the Amazonian dress from the rack, tried it on, and only then been surprised and disappointed that the dress was way too long for me. By this time Branden was laughing as well and my eyes were tearing up with my fit of giggles. So much for my own common sense!

Other than my maxi dress dream being crushed (and don't even think that I could just hem the skirt because if you knew my 'sewing abilities' you wouldn't suggest the demise of an innocent item of clothing) we had a very successful day of shopping! Branden got 3 pairs of jeans, I got my teapot, and we also got some new bathroom towels, a new casserole dish, and some other handy things. Now if only my allergies would let up, I may get to enjoy the week!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Hello there, remember me???

There's so much going on that it's hard to get my mind focused enough to write. Unfortunately things won't be letting up soon so I am sadly going to be the aloof, on and off blogger for a while. The big thing that I can't wait for is...we've got a baby coming!!! I'm so excited!!! ...did you totally just think I was talking about me? Sorry, I wasn't...hehehe. My lovely friend is nearing the end of her pregnancy and I am getting really anxious to finally meet him. This means I'm gearing up to be a cooking mad woman, making them a bunch of meals to have in their freezer and pre made baking mixes.

Also, Street Pastors is really getting in full swing and we are planning for training in May and June so we can be out on the Streets by mid July! I've got a bit of paperwork to finish filling out but I am just overjoyed that we will be starting relatively soon!

Branden's leaving next week for a conference in Belfast that he will be presenting at so he's been working late nights in preparation. I'll be staying with a girlfriend while he's gone so I won't have another breakdown in my sanity from being alone. With all that's been going on, we still have somehow been social butterflies and the chances I get to be in the comfort of my room, I have been using them to relax and not think about anything. I also got a bit crafty too and made a new ring and pair of earrings.

I know there has been more but I'm in my cosy room so my mind is currently shut off. Here's a glimpse at my newest craft creations. I miss you all and hope things have been going well for you!

 Needle felted band with sewn on beads

 Needle felted ball with attached bead

Easy to make but I really like them!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Many Adventures of Maggie with Poo!

I'm cleaning like a mad woman today since we have friends coming to cook for us in our house tomorrow (don't you wish you had our crazy convincing skills!) so I had to dig through my ancient archives of old blog fodder to give you something today. This was written about 6 years ago but the memories linger for a lifetime...unfortunately...

I guess you could say that poo has been a background theme in my life. There have been many strange
instances with this crap and most of them I would like to wipe from my memory! When I was 3, we were having a snowball fight and my neighbor hit me right in the mouth. Unfortunately for me it was loaded with dog poo but luckily my vomit cleansed the taste from my mouth. When I was about 4, my neighbors had a new kitty. I loved kitties so much and I loved to hold them. I held it a bit too tight however, squeezing the poo right out of it and all over my shirt! 

At about age 13 my sister and I were walking along a muddy road and got into a mud fight. After being covered in mud we started to notice a nasty smell. It was then our intelligent minds realized that this mud from the road IN a cow field might be contaminated! Imagine that! I had a friend in high school that would get into horse poo fights with is good for throwing. I have also been pooped on by seagulls twice in my life. 

About 3 months ago I was running the steer shoot at roping practice and the steer kicked up a lot of poo as he shot out of the shoot. It landed on my sweatshirt so I flicked the material to get it off causing the poo to take flight yet again. This time it landed perfectly...on my bottom lip! I was spewing and spitting for a long time...ulgh! 

Moral of this blog: Don't pitch me has a tendency to land in my mouth !