Monday, April 30, 2012

A baby, a dress, and a fit of laughter

Marcie had her baby on Thursday and they are well! I've seen some photos on facebook and he is absolutely adorable! They are all getting settled and hopefully will get to go home today. Thanks for all your wishes and prayers!

Branden and I went shopping on Friday. We've been looking for new jeans for Branden and I've been in search of a teapot for a while. While we were in a clothing shop, I was drawn to a particular item of clothing that I long for but have never owned...a maxi dress. Yes, I know that I am only 5'2" and a floor length dress will make me look like a stump made of fabric, but there is just something about this dress that makes tall, stick figured women, look fabulous, would transform my curvy, short, feminine body into something similar to an overstuffed sausage, I like. This is why I don't own a maxi dress, because I fight this constant struggle of "I love it but I shouldn't have it if I want to look remotely decent". So anyway, I spied the maxi dress display and made a beeline for it. As I flipped through them, I told Branden all the reasons why I shouldn't wear one and how I thought just the right style and pattern may just work if I could just find it. Then it whole maxi dream was my husband's rare moment of common sense.

"Mags, just look at how high the hanger is in comparison to you. You couldn't wear it if you wanted to." He obviously stated with a small grin on his face.

My face dropped. I had never thought of this before. My eyes gazed at the dress, the fabric reaching the floor, and the straps, hanging from a hanger that reached the very tip-top of my head! In slight sadness, but mostly ridiculous realization, I started cracking up! Heavens, I pretty much could have muffled my giggles in the dresses waistline! Why had I not realized this before?? I consider myself to be very practical, but I would have reached far above my head, grabbed the Amazonian dress from the rack, tried it on, and only then been surprised and disappointed that the dress was way too long for me. By this time Branden was laughing as well and my eyes were tearing up with my fit of giggles. So much for my own common sense!

Other than my maxi dress dream being crushed (and don't even think that I could just hem the skirt because if you knew my 'sewing abilities' you wouldn't suggest the demise of an innocent item of clothing) we had a very successful day of shopping! Branden got 3 pairs of jeans, I got my teapot, and we also got some new bathroom towels, a new casserole dish, and some other handy things. Now if only my allergies would let up, I may get to enjoy the week!


  1. You two have entirely too much fun.

    And congrats to Marcie, her hubs, and the baby!

  2. Congratulations to Marcie & her family!

    I was hoping to see a picture of you in the maxi dress/tent.

  3. I have never known anyone go shopping for a teapot. also, why would you want a dress that goes all the way to the floor? You'd look like a Victorian.

  4. Hey you need to stop shopping at the "Crazy Amazon Woman Dress-shop"!!

  5. I feel your pain about the dress. I'm to short to wear one and I always wanted one too. I can't sew either. lol I love that song it's so happy! I'm glad you enjoyed to pics of my new fan club. :)

  6. Maybe some tea will help with those allergies?

    And don't tell your husband about my blog post today.

  7. You certainly can do a maxi-dress. A pale pastel with an above-the-knee slit. Sandals or nude heels. Small floral print, skinny belt.
    You want it? Get it and put your self-confidence on.

  8. Congratulations to your friend!

    I love that bit of common sense from your hubby!


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