Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Oh Husband, You Make Me Laugh

One night, Branden was done writing so I had the computer. I was sitting on the bed, checking my email, when I noticed something odd. Branden was standing next to the bed, facing his night stand, and was lunging towards it with his foot. He stomped in front of the night stand and then drew his leg back, and stomped again...and again.

Curiosity getting the best of me (and terror that he could be trying to kill a big bug!), I finally asked, "What in the world are you doing?"

He just looked at me with a quirky smile, pointed to his mug of water, and replied, "I'm playing Jurassic Park!"

I laughed at him, but I can't deny never trying to recreate the T-Rex scene with a glass of water. (Please tell me you have done this too!)

The next funny thing with Branden will be worded into a Tip of the Day:

Brushing your teeth is never an appropriate time to try and blow out a candle!

If he wasn't so high into his education, I might worry...


  1. Who hasn't done this, is the question..hahahaha. We were just watching Jurassic Park, the other night and were remarking how we couldn't believe it's almost 20 years old! Now I feel old...

  2. Oh my gosh! This whole post made me laugh. You guys are awesome. And total dorks. :) :) I love it.

  3. I love this! hahahaha, I remember trying to recreate that scene as well. I can't believe its been that long!

  4. At this stage of your life, I can't believe you're still confusing education & intelligence with common sense.

    Blowing out a candle while brushing your teeth WOULD work--if you don't mind cleaning up afterwards!

  5. Funny people! Thanks for the giggles.
    Have a fantastic day!!!!

  6. I have not tried that but now I want to! lol

  7. I am vaulting that tip about brushing your teeth and blowing out candles for later. Ya never know when that little tidbit might come in handy : )


    Sorry for the shouting, but that was really cool. Trying it at work now.

  9. I can't say that I've tried that but I'm definitely going to point it out to my nephews!


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