Thursday, April 21, 2011

So here we go again...

When life gives you lemons, squirt the juice in it's face! Oddly, that is somewhat the basis for the start of this blog...again. A few of you may have known that I used to blog under Padded Cell Confessions years ago through MSN. It is no longer in existence but I loved my blogging community and have missed it a lot.

Blogging hasn't been much of an option since three years ago, today in fact, I started dating the man of my dreams and life hasn't stopped since! Married for almost two years now, we have lived in our home country of America, Scotland and now Ireland in that short time. Since moving to Ireland just over a month ago, I have discovered that due to immigration laws, I have little hope of being allowed to work here. So with all this free time on my hands (and a chance to make some money through my laptop) I find myself a blogger once again!

Even though my original Padded Cell Confessions blog is gone and deleted, I do have all of the stories from it that I wrote over the years. My intention is to put all of these into book format and sell them to the masses...ok that probably just means my friends and family but I can have a go can't I?

So please join me on my new crazy journeys in Ireland!

Padded Cell Princess

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