Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Holy Nerd Math Batman!

Elle over at The Erratic Project Junkie actually used math and physics to come up with an answer to my guinea pig pulling cart conundrum! Please go check it out and then take 2 aspirin because your head will hurt with math pain. Oh and don't tell Branden...he might think his guess was justified (I still have my doubts!).


  1. Oh, darn. I was going to ask The Hurricane to figure out the answer when she has time, which will be in twenty years or so.


  2. Thanks Maggie! I'm still waiting for some smarty pants to come tell me how I screwed up (because I know I did...no way 5 could be the correct answer, right??). Don't worry. I won't tell Branden. ;)

  3. I checked it out, that's really pretty cool.

  4. OMG young one. Is there going to be a test?

  5. That's great that you and your Dad had fun together. I enjoyed the video of the childrens choir too Maggie. Their voices were so pure - Dave


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