Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A birthday wish

Warning: This post may make no sense whatsoever to any sane person.

There is something I say that just cracks Branden up and reinforces his knowledge that his wife is odd.

"I want to look like a woman."

This took me a while to explain to him what I meant by it. Ever since I was young, I would look at women on commercials and movies and look forward to the day when I would look like them. No, not their unrealistic images, edited out wrinkles, and perfect everything. I looked forward to no longer looking like a 'girl'. The women I saw on TV didn't look like their high school selves, they had just 'matured' passed that girl look into a woman that didn't look old but also didn't look like a kid. I still look a bit like my high school yearbook photos and I'm not complaining that I may look young, but I want to look like a gown up! A young grown up, but still a grown up!

Branden understands this but he also finds it utterly funny, probably because I do not have anywhere near the body of a girl and I still look young so I shouldn't complain. The other night when we were laying in bed and having one of our odd conversations, I asked him, "When I turn 29 do you think I will finally look like a woman?"

Branden giggled at me, probably because he knew I only had about a week to make the womanly transformation, "Maybe when you are 30..."

"Oh no, I'm not going to be 30 and you should be supportive of making sure I don't turn 30 as it would just be weird for you to be married to a 30 year old."

Strange how he didn't quite agree...

So I figure now that I've got less than a week to find some way to erase any traces of my past teenage looks while still looking young...I may start with the Oreos on my desk that have been staring me down all morning!

Now for something completely different, a hilarious video for you!

Poor bunny...but I still am laughing!


  1. I love the bunny video, I'm sure the bunny wasn't laughing, but I sure was....I wish I had your problem, but when I say I'm 29, nobody believes me...and I say it with a straight face and all....

  2. When I was in my early 30s, I got carded by a very pissed off bartender who thought Dr. X was up to no good, bringing me in a bar. I treasure that memory. I definitely look like a woman now, but I'm not sure when it happened.


  3. I'm 36, but my youngest child will be 50 this month! How? He has his life & I have mine!!

  4. Maybe you need some kind of fancy-pants hairdo. Like a beehive. That will make you look, what was the word?

    Mutated? :-)

  5. Cherish your young looks kiddo. Sadly they're usually gone all too soon.

  6. Be proud of looking young. There will come a day when people won't underestimate your age anymore and you'll suddenly wish they still did.

    Poor rabbit. That balloon was as big as he is so you know it was a big BOOM to him.

  7. That bunny reminds me of me when I spot my stalker. (You can laugh now.) What you need is a makeover. Well, I don't mean you need it but you think you need it so that's what I think you really need.

    P.S. Warning: This comment may make no sense whatsoever to any sane person.

  8. I expect you won't either feel or look 'mature' until you've got a pair of 14 yo daughters and are telling them in no uncertain terms "YOU W-I-L-L AB-so-LUt-ly not step outside the door wearing nothing but a belt to cover yourself". Followed swiftly by, " I don't care if Anna's mom lets her out with a little leather mini skirt". Then "if Anna jumped into freezing water would you follow them".
    At the moment you are the kool aunt who lives in foreign places who sends back vids and cards of her life and travels. You don't have to stand between them and what they REEEEEEELY need to do. :-D

  9. Cherish looking younger! It might stay that way for years to come, and you'll be grateful. Even if you're not mentioning being past 29.

    Poor rabbit. Or as Elmer would say, poor wabbit.


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