Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Slightly ironic follow up post....

In my last post, I discuss my husband's terrifying ability of sleep yelling while making mention that I talk in my sleep and think it's perfectly normal....

Rewind to last night: It was evening and I was looking through the MSN news stories and came across a list of the weirdest things men have married. Of course I'm going to want to broaden my mind with a gem of a story like that so I started my journey of reading about some vain man marrying a cardboard cutout of himself, a man forced to marry a goat since he was caught trying to make it a goat of ill repute, a similar story about a man and a cow, and then a guy married a horse.  He wasn't forced to either...oh no, this trailer park inhabitant freely chose to marry this horse and has been married to it for many years. Besides the fact that a freak and a horse have been married longer than I have, he lives in America and apparently it's not illegal where he is! I was so sickened at this thought and really hoped that at some point the horse would bite his nasty bits off!

Anyhoo, my husband and I went to bed (took me a long time) and the next morning Branden told me that I woke him up by furiously stating in my sleep, "Those people who have sex with animals are disgusting!"

Well there goes my 'normal' sleep talking claim!  (although I think I do have good reasoning)

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  1. PCP, your blog is fun to read. I think most of us talk in our sleep occasionally. I guess if it ever makes sense it could be fun to listen to? - Dave
    PS thanks for visiting my blog.


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