Monday, May 16, 2011

Things that go "AHHH!" in the night

I have always been a sleep talker/sleep mumbler and I find this perfectly normal and no big deal. Once I got married I had to adjust all of a sudden to sleeping with another person. On our honeymoon we woke each other up from talking to one another in our sleep. Slightly confused at first awaking, one of us was talking about bicycles and the other cheese, I thought it was kind of cute.


This sweet little sleep chatting was apparently a rouse to keep me from discovering something much more sinister that was lurking. It couldn't hide forever so one night, a few weeks into married bliss, I woke up to a noise. Since I had lived alone for so many years and was still not used to having a big, macho, protective man in my house, I was instantly afraid of the noise and thought that someone must have broken in or was trying to. I strained my ears, only to hear my blood pumping faster through my mind, and held my breath hoping to not make a single sound. Hairs on my neck standing on end and my skin tingling, my nerves came unglued when all of a sudden there was a shout in the dark, "OH NO!" ...from my beloved husband. My heart pumping like a train, I rolled over to see if he was ok.

"Branden, are you alright!? What happened?" I asked sensitively but still trying to not pee the bed.
"Yeah, I'm fine, I was just dreaming." he said groggily because apparently I woke him up.
"Good!" I responded sweetly, "because if you EVER do that again, then I will have to kill you!"

After explaining to him that I had been already awake and petrified at some little noise, we did laugh and he relayed his dream to me. He was dreaming that it was before our wedding and we had been busy doing wedding planning at my house when we both fell asleep. He woke up, in his dream, to find it was like 4am and he knew his parents would be wondering where he was and worried. Thus he yelled out 'Oh no'. I didn't let him live this one down for a long time.

Luckily when we moved to Scotland 2 1/2 months after our wedding, the new living arrangement and new location meant that I no longer woke up afraid of noises...but that didn't mean I was safe from my husband's loud little problem.

One morning I woke up and was laying in bed listening to the birds out the window when suddenly the peace was horribly disrupted, "Ahhhhhh Sasquatch!" came the shout from my 'used to be sleeping peacefully' bedmate. Groggily he sort of woke himself up and I again asked if he was alright. Another bad dream...and I don't feel I have to state the obvious of what the dream was about but we laugh a lot over that one. There has been one other incident which involved Branden having to yell at a dog in his dream which ended up coming out as a "AHHHHAAAHHHHUUUHHH" sort of thing and he woke himself up laughing at that.

It has gotten better and less frequent which is handy, and so far in our new life in Ireland, he hasn't sleep yelled yet! Thank goodness for that because I don't know what I'd say to the roommates!


  1. Oh, this cracks me up.
    I scared the beejeebers out of my husband when we were first married. I woke him up saying, "There's Spiders in the Easter Grass!!! There's Spiders in the Easter Grass!!!"
    Before I married my hubby, I worked in a grocery store. The bananas came packed in a sort of "Easter grass" and once in a while they came with hitch hiker spiders!!!
    When he realized I was sleep-talking, he humored me and began a conversation, which awoke me and then I was incensed that he was having a good time with my nightmare. We ended up laughing as well. That's always good.
    ps thanks for visiting my blog and commenting. Thanks for the kind words as well.

  2. BARK! Thank you for visiting my blog. Mommy was excited to see someone from Eye r land. Mommy and daddy want to visit there. Their trip this year got postponed because of my old lady problems, but they are still saving for maybe next year. Daddy talks in his sleep too. Mommy has conversations with him, unitl he gets annoyed and says "Never mind". He never remembers any of it. I just run like a horse in my sleep.
    BARK! Sasha the Princess


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