Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The benefits of frozen chicken and cheese

For those of you who don't remember or are new, Branden works part time for an organic food store in town. This last Thursday when he was at work, he whacked his shin pretty hard into a refrigerator and it started to swell up. His boss's mother, who works with him, had some frozen chicken in a freezer that she was planning on taking home to give to her cat and suggested that he use that to ice his poor leg. Using a big rubber band, Branden managed to secure the frozen chicken bag to his shin and carry on working.

On his lunch break, he called me and told me what had happened. He also informed me that he still had the frozen chicken hidden under his pant leg.

"WHAT!?!" You are so weird! What if you are in ordering your sandwich from the store and the chicken falls out of your pants??" I shrieked.

Branden, laughing hysterically at the thought, "I hadn't even thought about that! That could be bad!"

"COULD be bad?? What kind of creeper keeps frozen chicken in his pants? How awkward for someone to have to say, 'ummm, excuse me sir, but this bag of frozen meat fell out of your trouser leg...' that would be so weird!" I exclaimed and also secretly rejoiced in the fact that I hadn't met in him town for his lunch break so that I wouldn't get wrapped up in his chicken creeperness."

Somehow, he managed to go his whole hour long lunch without and incident, but he almost walked home after work with it still on his shin!

And now for your viewing pleasure (and my absolute delight!) I leave you with these photos from yesterday:

A few things to note, these kittens do belong to people, I am standing on a chair, and the last shot is the two little beggars looking into our bedroom window (the same window that Branden took the photos of me out of).


  1. I just saw a little report about what cats do outside (these scientists had cameras on 60 cats) and most did nothing but a few where cheating on their owners with other people. These kitties may fall into that category.

  2. What's wrong with using a rubber band to attach frozen chicken to your leg? That's how I used to carry my kids so I would have my hands free for other things. Of course, when I had my third one, it became difficult...

  3. fishducky's comment is sooo funny! Before you know it, those cats will be in bed with you if you leave the window open at night.

    Love to you and Mr. Chicken Pants,

  4. Maggie, they don't tell you how hard it is to find a man confident enough to wear chicken on his leg for extended periods of time...I'm glad you found him..;)

  5. Cute kitten Maggie. Well done in making friends with it. Hope Branden's shin is OK now? - Dave

  6. That last picture is awesome. It would make a great puzzle.
    Now onto "Chicken Legs"....I personally would have used a slab of bacon....

  7. Is that a frozen chicken breast in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?

  8. That would've been awkward, alright! I'd never heard of a person hiding a frozen chicken under his pant leg hahaha. I hope Branden's alright now. :))

  9. What happened to Branden is pretty hilarious. A frozen chicken in his pants? Very epic indeed.
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  10. Thanks for posting the cat pics and hope that your hubby is doing better! I enjoy your blog and miss your (or I should say, Branden's) wonderful auto pins on Pinterest. But I understand why you left there. Regards!

  11. Thanks for posting the cat photos, the black one reminds me of my Hanna. Hope that Branden has sufficiently recovered! I enjoy the blog very much. Regards!

  12. Ah, Branden, you'll never hear the end of this one....

    Those kitties are so cute it's criminal.


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