Friday, September 28, 2012

Search Engine Sillies

Arthur's Day has come and gone with Ellie Goulding and Fat Boy Slim performing in Cork last night. Did we manage to see anyone? No. Am I bothered about it? Not particularly, despite that Ellie Goulding's performance involved her crowd and will become her new music video. We had a fun night anyway as we went out with some old housemates of ours. We managed to find a quiet pub, out of the busy city center, and chatted the evening away.

It was also a good day yesterday as I made some progress with the kittens in the back garden! I didn't get that blow gun to tranquilize them but I did up my game...with cheese! The calico kitten was on the back garden wall and was watching me as I was preparing dinner last night. I opened the back door off the kitchen and it came running on the wall towards me, meowing. Armed with a few small pieces of cheese, I managed to get the kitten on the wall directly above me and it sniffed my hand (after hissing at  it). I still haven't pet it but about half an hour later, it brought it's all black sibling with it for more cheese. The black one is much more skittish but I was able to get it some cheese so it knows I've got the goods.

Now, onto some funny! I know that you all love to read my crazy search engine hits, so here's a few for your laughing pleasure.

creepy toy llama: I hope this was not on a parent's Christmas gift list as their child may be scarred for life and never be able to watch The Emperor's New Groove, which would be a true tragedy!

goofy cats eating cake: I may have to change my cheese strategy...

loves being naked in a hay barn: Now that just sounds itchy!

art of penise: Maybe you should look into the art of spelling but I know why you are here, and that painting is an umbrella in the rain ok!?!

chocolate molded into awkward shape: I hope this isn't the same searcher...

don't bite your friends saying: Oh yes, I am sure we've all heard the old, classic saying of "Don't bite your friends, you Twilight freaks!!"


  1. Don't knock the hay barn until you've tried it. Just saying.

  2. The search engines are way funny, I think my favorite is the biting friends one. Have you tried tuna with the kittens? It'l like crack for them, mine will jump in the water to get to the tuna can. Post pics of the kittens when you can ok? Gotta go get ready to go to work and make it look like I'm actually teaching something, I'm good at that.
    Have a great weekend :)

  3. Creepy toy llama? Hahahaha! What does that look like? (Don't tell me if it's really creepy.) It's been a while, Padded Cell Princess - way too long ago, I know. I hope you and your handsome Branden are doing fine and things are going as planned. I've got two cats myself, Mongo and Pebbles, and when they were kittens they were so small, I almost didn't dare to pick them up. Now they're as big as a bus. Well, I may be exaggerating a bit.... Just a bit. ;)

  4. You might want to go to a vet and get some of those flea pills otherwise you'll have an infestation of the little beggars lickitty-split.

  5. I love the art of penise, literally and figuratively.


  6. I think if we all agreed to look at the Google search terms that are leading people to our blogs at the same time, on the same day, we'd probably all be so creeped out that we'd stop blogging. There are some truly freaky people out there searching for the strangest things.

    Good luck with the kittens. We found ours laying in the street like roadkill. She jumped into our car when we stopped to see if she was OK and we've had her ever since. I guess she was playing possum and we fell for it.

  7. Naked in a hay barn can be fun- if you've got someone else along who you're really, really, really fond of- but it still means a thorough scouring down after the fact.

    The kitties are doing well on Operation Train The Lower Life Form To Give Us What We Want, I see...


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