Friday, September 7, 2012

Graffiti and Banana Attacks

We live by a park and around the park there is a lot of graffiti on the walls. Most of the random graffiti is just stupid kids spelling their names in gangsta font or putting 3 year old quality drawings of penises everywhere. I think this is similar to marking your territory, although the Irish male species seems to have no problem with peeing openly in public on absolutely anything...even through my friend's mail slot in her front door. That's another rant for another day, but I specifically bring up graffiti because there is an actual cool 'artist' that leaves his or her mark, and I highly doubt it's a prepubescent kid. I envision this particular 'gangsta' to be probably from an IT background and in their late 20's or early 30's. The graffiti left by this nerdy artist always makes me smile, especially their latest work of art. Here is an idea of what this artist does:

I am not a gamer by any means, but back when I was a kid, I rocked at Megaman! We actually just got it on our Wii, and I surprisingly still rock! Anyhoo, this artist leaves classic Nintendo graffiti in random places and it's definitely better than another 12 year old kid's depiction of his boy parts. This artist's latest addition is pure brilliance, and Branden even played along to show the size and scale:

Sadly Branden wasn't close enough to the pipe and got hit by a fireball so he didn't save the Princess, which is fine by me because I know he's not that into ditzy blondes that can't even fend off spiky turtles. The 'pipe' is just an electrical box that the graffiti artist made much prettier and definitely much more interesting. If he didn't live in Georgia, I would totally blame this on Joshua as this is the type of graffiti artist I would imagine him being.

And now for something completely different. I have a friend with whom I manage to have the most off the wall and random conversations. We met on the street the other day and I was in tears from laughing so hard and she was holding her stomach and bent over laughing at one point. She is great for having the most bizarre conversation starters, although probably bizarre to any passer by, they are completely normal to me. At one point in our street conversation, she started off with, "So you know in the year of the chicken?" and even though I knew what she was on about, I couldn't help but crack up and point out that we were not normal! A couple of days later she messaged me on Facebook, "Hey guess what happened to me today? I was hit with a BANANA." to which I bursted out laughing, especially when she mentioned it hit her in the face...I'm very sympathetic. She's ok but the banana didn't survive, as it was hit by a bus soon after violently visiting my friend's face. Serves the banana right if you ask me.


  1. She's lucky--it could have been a KILLER banana!!

  2. Please tell me that guys don't pee in the mail slot.

  3. That banana didn't have much luck. And that graffitti is great.

  4. You know the difference between graffiti and public art? Government Funding.

  5. I love that artist. I'm a huge Banksy fan. But, really. Who gets hit in the face by a banana? Did a chimp throw it at her? I also love strange conversational beginnings. However, I was a little afraid you were going to say a man golden showered you while you were bent over laughing. Your husband is adorable. What a beautiful marriage you have.


  6. That stuff looks amazing! Why can't all graffiti actually look like art?
    That's awesome that you have a friend like that. Everyone needs at least one friend that can make you laugh until you cry.

  7. How much would I pay him for that artwork? About 8 bits.


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