Thursday, September 20, 2012

Here we go again

There's nothing like cancer to kick you while you're down. My Granny, my namesake, didn't get the all clear in her latest cancer screening. Cancer is not necessarily anything new for her, as this will be her 6th time fighting it, all popping up in different places with this time on her lungs. She's not a smoker. The last bout with cancer was just under 2 years ago when Branden and I were back in the States and we were able to help her out and take her to her radiation appointments and such. With not plans or means to go back any time in the next couple of years, the feelings of hopelessness and frustration have been hanging over me these last few days since I found out. I understand that my grandparents aren't getting any younger and I will have to face losing them but for Granny, the thought of her losing her life to an evil disease that has hounded her throughout her life just eats away at me. I can't stand the thought of the cancer taking the final scene in her life and lording it's win over her when she's beat it so many times in the past. It's taken a toll already and a few body parts as well so I just wish it would be satisfied and let her live out the rest of her days in peace.

Granny and Hunter in 2009. I don't usually post photos of my nephews but Hunter wasn't even 3 here so he's changed a lot.

For those of you who pray, I would be very grateful for your prayers.


  1. Life can be very unfair--your Granny is in my prayers!

  2. I am so sorry to hear this! I will definitely say prayers. This post was beautifully written, by the way. You can tell just how much she means to you. And Oh MY GOSH, you look so much like her!!! (well, from the pictures I've seen of you). I forget sometimes that we are only internet friends, nostril playing sisters!, and haters of spiders.

  3. God Bless your Grandmother. No one should have to fight the cancer battle so many times.

  4. I am so sorry kiddo. My mom had cancer 3 times and beat it three times. She eventually died, but not from that. I'll keep her in my prayers.

  5. Prayers being said. Your granny is beautiful.


  6. That's sad about your Granny Maggie. I understand how you feel about not being able to be there for her. Cancer is a horrible disease when and wherever it strikes. My sister-in-law also has it and is fighting it. Thinking of you - Dave

  7. Outcomes are better with people who've had it before simply because they catch it in time.
    Not much of a plus granted. But another is that she knows she can beat it, and that'll give her heart.
    My best wishes to both you and her +.

  8. You know I will girl! I feel your pain. With my grands living on the East Coast I can't get to them either and it is really stressful sometimes when they are going through all their surgeries and such. Take care maggie. I'll be praying.

  9. I'm sorry you have to go through this. Cancer is a profoundly unfair disease... and it doesn't discriminate based on age. I think one way or another it's touched us all.


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