Monday, November 12, 2012

Circus Cats

Last week is done and dusted and I survived! It was a good week but there were a lot of things going on, I was an emotional wreck, and I had to wake up before 10am almost every day!!! Don't worry, I'm making up for it, starting with this morning when I woke up at 11:40am.

My head is still a bit thrashed so it may take me a bit to get my writing groove back so I'm just going to throw a video at you and hope it keeps you entertained for a while (see, I have mothering instincts!). When I saw this video, I dubbed it "The most patient animal trainers in the world!" and I think you will agree!


  1. I have this video in one of my future posts, but I can't find which one it it--maybe we both should go back to sleep!!

  2. I found it! It's not scheduled until March, so I think I'll leave it in.

  3. I love the video. I can't believe the cat cooperates. Favorite Young Man and Little Chick took in a stray cat. His name is President Jimmy Carter.


  4. I need them to train my newly adopted cat. He won't let me pet him, dammit.

  5. The cat's thinking, "one of these days, I'll claw your eyes out."


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