Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Living in Beauty

I am very grateful to live in such a beautiful country. Ireland is truly gorgeous but I also was spoiled by incredible landscape where I grew up in Washington State. I grew up in a house with an unspoiled panoramic view of the Olympic Mountains on my back doorstep. Recently I looked back on some of my photos from when I lived in my tiny little hometown and some of the gorgeous sites that I used to visit. Some of these are in Canada which was fairly close.

Olympic Mountains from Hurricane Ridge 

 Hurricane Ridge

A park in Victoria, BC 

The Botanical Gardens in Vancouver, BC 

Railroad Bridge Park 

Railroad Bridge Park 

The beach at Kalaloch along the Pacific Ocean

Ruby Beach 

My favorite place in my hometown and where I wrote my vows, a cemetery

Fiery clouds above the mountains at sunset

I am very grateful to be in Ireland since I was so spoiled to grow up surrounded by such fantastic landscape. Since I was so close to mountains and ocean, I could never live landlocked or on flat plains. Thankfully Ireland has a good mix of landscape and I love that my future children will grow up surrounded by gorgeous geography like I did...even if it's different.


  1. For some reason, I thought you where from Eastern Washington, not the O.P. The Wife lived in Sequim and worked at the Olympic Game Farm (home of the infamous biting zebra) briefly.

    1. Cora would know my cemetery then as it was right next to the hilltop part of the Game Farm. What a small, small world that she lived in my hometown! How crazy but how cool!

  2. Gorgeous pics!! We live 5 miles from the Pacific Ocean I I think I'd go into withdrawal if I couldn't be near a large body of water!

  3. Great sights! I'd take the mountains over the water, though. That's just me.

  4. Heck it would almost be easier and quicker to go to Vancouver than Seattle from that area.
    I knew a fellow at NUIG who's father was in the Coast Guard on that station. Can't remember where exactly. In or abouts anyways.
    I think it's a kinda spot I'd like. Few roads. Easy to picture lost tribes and giant people.
    Lovely photos.

  5. How I loved living near Seattle. I could see the Snohomish Mountains from my kitchen window. When I went for walks and turned the corner, Rainier rose up in front of me. I miss the mountains.


  6. You make me want to travel. I was wanting to visit Vancouver anyway, but now you make me want to explore further.

  7. Whenever I pass that cemetery I think of you. It gave me the creaps when the school bus drove by it and now I just laugh because it is your writing place. lol Not many of us that grow up here realize how special we are for the landscape.

  8. Having a good eye day. So glad I stopped by. You have been privileged to see so much beauty my friend. I hope you get to see much more during your life.

  9. We've visted the Pacific NW but have never lived there though I've always wanted to. It's absolutely gorgeous.

  10. Lovely pictures of your home state Maggie. Washington State looks like a beautiful place - Dave


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