Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day Thoughts...with a Shout Out to Mom Blogs

It's hard being away from your family, especially when you have 2 amazing dads in your life and Father's Day comes along.

My dad is a wonderful dad who is the reason why I never want to grow up despite growing older. His life motto is "18 till I die" and although I don't exactly have any desire whatsoever to go back to my teenage years, I definitely always cling to a youthful spirit and playful attitude...or maybe it's just sarcasm. He used to take me hunting and fishing which I loved. Even if we had a slow day fishing and couldn't get a bite for hours, he would ask me if I wanted to head back to shore and I would just say, "nope". And no matter how bored he may have been, he stayed out to have that time with me. Part of my dad's 'rebellious youthfulness' came out on his birthday last Friday; he finally got a tattoo at the age of 58. I'm so proud of him! Plus when he's 80, it shouldn't be all wrinkled and disfigured since he got it later in life! He loves my mother completely, loves my sis and me dearly (surprising since he had to share 1 bathroom with all of us girls growing up!), and he is such a wonderful Grandpa to my sis's boys. I was truly blessed with a great dad.

My father-in-law is my other amazing dad and I thank the Lord every day that I got the in-laws that I have! Over the past 3 years, I have been able to see the wonderful aspects of his life in my husband and understand just how great of a dad he was and is because of the men his boys have become. He loves his boys unconditionally and every opportunity to show them his love. He taught my husband how to change his oil and even though Branden learned how, they always did it together. Branden would say that his dad would still try and re-teach him some of it every time, and even though he knew it already, he never said anything because he loved seeing his father being a father. My father-in-law also loves my mother-in-law completely and honestly. They have a great relationship and would be lost without each other. I love seeing how great of a father he is because I know that he has instilled that in my husband, which I have seen glimpses of already when Branden is with our nephews.

What a blessing to have 2 wonderful fathers and their support as we are away, but it doesn't make it easy on days like Father's Day.

My last thought about Father's Day is thank goodness my husband isn't celebrating it yet! We aren't planning on having kids for at least 3 or 4 years so that he can finish school and then we can actually get a chance to travel finally! As I have been finding more and more blogs out there, I find that the typical funny blog is written by a mom. I have been trying to find a writer like me who doesn't have kids yet but I just keep getting caught up in the mom crowd. Now, I like the mom crowd I have found because they are hilarious, but they also hold a very special power that I don't think they are aware of...

They hold the power of mixing subconscious birth control in their words! Amazing I know, but the more I read and read these hilarious stories of theirs, the more my womb becomes silent and my biological clock stops ticking! It's fantastic! No baby urges, no "crap I'm going to be an old mom" thoughts and no desire at all to give up my sleep schedule. The other day Branden and I talked about extending our plan on when to start a family and he made a comment that he was actually concerned that all these blogs that I've been reading have been making me want to start sooner... I laughed at him! If anything, I have been more easily persuaded to enjoy my time with him while it lasts!

Also, I love my nephews like a mad woman and wouldn't give up my time spent with them for anything, but after a long day of playing inside, outside, drool, screaming, running, tackling, crawling and no afternoon nap, I came home to my husband looking like an exhausted wreak (and I may have even eaten a cheerio that I found in my hair). I really don't think I'm ready for that and I want to thank all those mom blogs for making this Father's Day an extra special one since I know I won't be celebrating it with my husband for a nice long while!

I hope all you dad's had a blessed Father's Day!


  1. Our plan was to wait at least 5 years before having kids, just to have that time together. Our daughter took those words to heart and came almost 7 weeks early...on our 5th anniversary. But it was the best thing to have those five years. We traveled a bunch (France, England, Scotland, Canada (St. John and Halifax)) and just went out and did fun things. Yours is a good decision. In my opinion, anyway.

  2. PCP, a nice thoughtful blog. I enjoyed reading it. Our Fathers' Day isn't till later in the year - Dave


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