Saturday, June 11, 2011

Just call me "The Child Whisperer"

I had every intention of not really doing anything this weekend (I know this sounds ridiculous for a person who doesn't work, so weekends really mean nothing to me). We have surprisingly been quite busy lately though, so taking it easy was top of my's amazing that going to only 1 place a day becomes 'quite busy' when you don't have a car and have to walk at least a mile and a half to get anywhere! My plan was slightly shot out of the water though when we discovered that the Street Performer World Championships were taking place in a park behind our house. At least we slept in a little...

There was a great atmosphere, tons of families, dogs, and face painted children wielding balloon swords. We watched a few acts but since we had lived in Edinburgh and experienced The Fringe Festival, this literally was a walk in the park. I had even seen two of the performers in Edinburgh before. After watching our third act, we scouted out the perfect bench! It had a great view of a main performance area and it was in the shade (anything to avoid more freckles!). After much anticipated waiting, the people at the bench finally left and we took our prized position. Soon though, a sweet little girl came right up to the bench and attempted to sit right next to me on my bench...I love kids, but I worked for this bench, so as she looked up at me with a smile, I pointed across the little field and said, "Look! There's a puppy!" at which she screamed, "PUPPY!!!!", as she sprinted towards it and far from my bench. There was an actual puppy and it was a cute little jack russell. I probably would have screamed and ran for it too if I had not been watching it roll in something moments before.

Branden looked at me and laughed at how easy I managed to eject a child from my personal bubble. I told him that I could also easily do it to adults if only someone in the distance had a bottle of whiskey. Not long after this we realized that we could really only watch so many juggling, balancing and unicycle acts so we decided to head home and gave up the coveted bench.

Note to readers who may use this child dispelling technique: Only send a child to a puppy or kitten IF the person with said animal is no where near a large white van with covered windows and Sponge Bob hanging from the rear view mirror. This is called a creeper.


  1. At least you disposal of the kiddie was painless to you both. I enjoyed that video with the people in pink and white stripes - Dave

  2. oh, yes, the creeper alert:

    Good idea.

  3. OK. I'm new. And Can't wait to catch up! Thanks for your comment on my big ole belly. You go on w/ the fake one, but the real one - with a lil thing moving inside? Totally amazing and weird. OK, i'll catch up soon!

  4. If I was a creeper, I'd at least get a red van.


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