Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Two geniuses are better than one

Disclaimer: The content of this post is not meant to offend any of my friends or family back home...especially since I know you all laugh about this stuff too!

When I first started getting to know my now husband, he told me right off the bat that he was planning on moving to Ireland and staying there permanently. I had no issues with this since I always wanted to see the world but was stuck in my little bitty home town where I was only destined for a 4x4 with a lift kit, some sort of hunting dog, all of my clothes from Walmart and I would forever be tormented by Twilight tourists (Considering that I lived close enough to Forks to know that the hairiest things living in the woods are just loggers and the concept of pale vampires is a stretch in a town with such a high population of Mexicans, I never even attempted to read or watch anything related to the craze). Thank goodness I do have friends from back home that live outside this box, or trailer if you prefer, but I always thought there was something so much more out there for me.

Another thing I learned when I first met Branden was that he was brilliant and had taken German, a little French, can read ancient Greek and took a bit of Hebrew. I, as a true American, took Spanish in high school and only the 2 years that I had to take. I asked Branden why he never took it since it seemed very practical but he said that since so many other people take it then he should always be able to find a 'translator' and plus there shouldn't really be many Spanish people in Ireland. Out of curiosity, I asked him about how many Spanish people were in Ireland and he looked at me grinning and said, "Six".

And so our story continued and after we found our shared house in Cork, Ireland, we discovered that out of the 5 roommates, 2 of them were from Spain! As a woman, I was born with the ability to pull little details out of my brain from many years in the past for the pure reason of antagonizing, and as a wife it's my duty to exercise this ability. So one night, soon after moving in, we were laying in bed (the perfect setting for my ability) and I mentioned that it was extraordinarily lucky that we were living with 1/3 of the population of Spanish people in Ireland! Thankfully my husband knew that I was a sarcastic woman well before marrying me so he laughed and admitted that maybe his past ideas were slightly flawed. No harm done.

As I said before, he is a genius but as I find with geniuses, they can lack slightly on a few basic common sense things, which is perfect for us because I am not a genius and my intelligence mostly relies on commons sense, which makes my husband think that I am brilliant when I do something as simple as use the shampoo as body wash when we run out of body wash. I think this balance is very much needed in a marriage like ours, especially when most everyone else will see that my husband is a genius since he is doing a PhD on the representation of female saints in medieval Ireland and will have it by the time he is 27 (how old I am NOW), but he makes me feel like a genius when he marvels over my ability to make no-bake cookies with Nutella and granola because I need chocolate (recipe will be posted later).

*Photo taken before we were engaged at one of our favorite restaurants back home, Ajax's Cafe!


  1. "As a woman, I was born with the ability to pull little details out of my brain from many years in the past for the pure reason of antagonizing, and as a wife it's my duty to exercise this ability."

    THAT made me laugh harder than anything I've read all day. So true!

  2. Hehe, I so love that we locals know the REAL truth about what hairy beasts lurk in the woods!!

  3. If you believe in each other that's great! (genius's) - Dave

  4. blogger just ate my comment. dammit.


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