Thursday, June 30, 2011

Celebrating our 2nd Wedding Anniversary

I do have to say, before sharing my fun day celebrating my 2nd wedding anniversary, in continuing with my wedding horror story, my honeymoon wasn't much better. We spent the two days after our wedding in a beautiful and fun little town only 45 minutes away from home before flying to Kauai for a week. Kauai is where it got worse. To make a long story short, I ended up with 3 infections and within a week of my wedding, had been prescribed 5 different medications, most of them saying to not drink alcohol or be in the sun. One of the infections was a sinus infection which made it impossible for me to be in air conditioning or else I would cough until I threw up, which wasn't pleasant for Kauai in July. With me being so sick, we didn't really get to go out much but luckily both of us had been before so I guess that helped. We also got our days messed up so we missed our flight thinking that we weren't flying out until the day after. This did end up costing us a bunch more with the airline company but the lady who owned the cottage we were staying in, was nice enough (and felt so bad for us) that she gave us the extra night free. That 'extra' day ended up being the best day of our trip since it was the first day I really felt better, so we drove around everywhere and made the most of it.

With that being said, I wanted to share the wonderful day Branden and I had touring the fun sights around Cork City on our 2nd anniversary. We took a day tour that drove us to Cobh, Blarney and Kinsale. We have been wanting to see all three of these places, but with no car and bus fares being expensive we found that this day tour was actually more cost effective that taking a bus to each. It was also only a 15 seat passenger van so it wasn't like we were trapped on a massive bus with a bunch of old people on vacation. I will give you the trip in photo form and some commentary thrown in. Since we took a ton of photos I will tackle each location in it's own blog to keep it from getting too huge.

Today's blog will be the start of the tour in the historical and picture perfect village of Cobh (pronounced Cove) and if you want history details and yada yada then click on the name and it will give you all the Wikipedia details. I will add links to all sorts of details if you are into that stuff and save me the hassle of having to type it all out (yes, I'm being lazy today). You can also click on the photos to make them bigger and more clear.

This is Cobh Cathedral that sits on a hill above the village. It had many gorgeous architectural features and some other features that I found much more enjoyable and unique...

 It had it's very own resident cat! It was very friendly, despite being a little drooly, and I probably spent more time petting the cat than looking at individual statues and windows in the Cathedral!

It also had it's very own Holy Water on tap in a tank outside! I have never seen something like this before and had to take a photo of it!

On our way down to see the village I couldn't help but take a photo of this adorable kitty! Yes, I am cat obsessed, but that's what happens when I haven't been able to have a pet in almost 3 years.
A view of the village from a dock we walked out on. I love all the colors and can't wait to eventually have my own colorful home in Ireland and live in a cute little village like this.

Propped the camera on some coins, hit the timer button, ran for the bench...and smile!
A shot of the flower boxes along the fence in front of the gazebo in the park.
We noticed that these 3 buildings had crows on them. It was only on these buildings and it was slightly creepy... idea why or if they are just always on these buildings

We really liked Cobh; it was a gorgeous village and very peaceful. The next stop we made was Blarney, home of Blarney Castle and the famous Blarney Stone! Stay tuned for possibly the most green photos you have ever seen! (and I hope you enjoyed all of my fun links!)


  1. Enjoyed your photos. Sorry you were sick for the start of your honeymoon. Not nice huh? - Dave

  2. So very jealous. I need to get to Ireland someday.

    Four weeks after we married, The Wife had an allergic reaction to a sinus infection medication. She broke out in hives all over. Including her eyelids. We were still in good spirits, even when I called her mom asking for a refund. Her response: "No refunds, but you can exchange her for her sister." [who was 16 at the time, so no.]

  3. Beautiful photos. I was there years and years ago. I didn't fully appreciate it since I was a teenager :/

  4. Dave, I'm glad you enjoyed the photos. The colors were so amazing! Yes, it was not nice to be so sick for my honeymoon but we did survive :)

    Joshua, it is an incredible place with very friendly people! Some day you will probably make it. I have never in my life heard of hives on eyelids!! Yikes! The poor woman! My husband laughed about exchanging her for her sis (ok, and so did I).

    Whispering Writer, at least you got to go and can appreciate it now. Maybe some day you can come back and really be able to take it all in. Thanks for stopping by!


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