Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A whole lot of Blarney!

Sorry this has taken me so long to continue. My mother-in-law sent me a box full of amazing fun craft stuff and I have to admit that I spent all day yesterday needle felting. She sent me lots of wonderfully dyed wools, all the things I need for felting, and also watercolor sets with watercolor papers. Also, there were lots of nice ribbons, buttons and papers to make all sorts of fun creations! Today I made a list of things I need to do and I'm not allowed to start crafting until I am done! Getting back into my blog world is on my list so I am looking forward to reading all my favorite blogs and catching up in blog land.

So back to my Anniversary trip and our second stop, Blarney! We had 2 hours to see the sights, most famously the Blarney Stone. High up Blarney Castle, we had to wait about an hour in line to get to the top!

It was a very pretty castle surrounded by acres of gorgeous grounds, two lakes on either side, and a poisonous plant garden.

We spent about half an hour in this little tiny tube of a stone spiral staircase, packed on either side by American tourists hoping to kiss a rock. We were all smiles of relief to get to the top and in the air again!
And here is the famous stone. You can tell by the dark wet looking spot where everyone kisses the stone. You can also notice that it's a long way down. We decided against kissing a rock with tons of tourists's lip nasties on it, and instead were happy with a nice photo!
It was worth the wait just to look at the stone because the views from the top of the castle were amazing! The green colors were incredible!
A line of people waiting to be infected...I look at the photo and see Mater's face from Cars in the windows of the castle! Do you see it?
Tourism at it's finest...but it made me wonder, what would you write in your own bench?
The view up to the Blarney Stone at the top...yet another reason to not kiss it!
The little waterfall in a beautiful swamp type garden. It was gorgeous!
From the witch in the Blarney Stone legend, this is supposedly a rock that looks like her. On top of the rock, people put coins for luck or something...tempting to think that I may have had my wine at dinner paid for...

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  1. Yeah, my OCD won't allow me to kiss the stone should I ever see it. What if I blow it a kiss?

    That stairwell reminds me a bit of walking up the Arc de Triomphe in Paris. Not as narrow, but still packed like sardines.

    Maybe Mater. Could be.

    My bench inscription would probably just read "Smartass Extraordinaire."


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