Saturday, July 23, 2011

Something is lurking...

Ok, I know I said "have a good weekend" and all that jazz but I have a bit of a curiosity...

Since half of our housemates moved out, their empty rooms are currently used on the weekends as overflow rooms for our landlady's B&B. There is only one guest this weekend and I can't figure out what it is.

Here are the details: We have not seen the B&B occupant but we have heard them. It comes in the door very quietly, walks briskly, but then walks very, very, very slowly up the stairs. It also steps very, very, slowly down the stairs. It sounds like a 5 year old as it takes very slow, little steps as if the stairs are going to kill them or they don't want to wake up some monster by plodding up and down the stairs. At first I thought elderly or disabled but then when I heard it walk on the main floor very briskly, I was totally confused.

Maybe they are terrified of stairs or had never used stairs before?? I have a healthy fear of stairs since I've fallen down them twice. The first was 5 concrete steps and the second was a flight of plywood steps in a new construction house and luckily my best friend Chrissy was a bit in front of me so I could aim my roll in her direction to stop me.

Any thoughts on what this could be?? I know the easiest way would be to try and catch a sight of this person but it is fairly illusive...and new people are scary!

*My husband thinks it may be a diva and like Maria Carey, they just don't do stairs.


  1. lol If I were to guess my friend it would be that this person is like me (and you there for awhile) and may have a problem with depth perception which causes extreme cation going up and down stairs. Either that or they just don't want people to know they are going up and down stairs. What a mystery. You'll have to let us know.

  2. they must be shy :) weird, tho!

  3. Maybe they walk upstairs on their hands. Just a thought.

  4. I wrote this scene in my grad school thesis. It's the Devil. He can't take stairs because of the cloven feet. That or you have Mr. Tumnus living with you.

  5. Hahahah, love all your thoughts (except if it it the Devil because that is a bit scarier than strangers!). Still no clue of what or who it is...

    If it is Mr. Tumnus then I'm going to be highly irritated because I have an irrational annoyance when hearing people with British accents say "Mr. Tumnus" or "Faun" and especially "Turkish delight". No clue why, but it just sounds irritating.

  6. So did you get it figured out?

  7. Are you sure it's not just a poltergeist?

  8. I've figured it out...sort of. See newest post for details!


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