Monday, July 11, 2011

Last Stop, Kinsale!

Someone needs to make me a nice "Slacker" sign and nail gun it to my forehead! I have been bad especially since I am now posting the third stop of our anniversary trip and that was 2 weeks ago! I am almost antsy to just get this done so I can get back to writing some of my crazy life stories, including one about a fun phrase that I don't think is used enough but can be quite entertaining at something like your mom's colonoscopy exam (or so I discovered).

Anyhoo (or Anyhootzen if you are my mom-in-law), Kinsale was our last stop for our day tour and it was absolutely picture perfect! We had a little over an hour to snoop around the cute little village which was full of amazing buildings and colorful shops!

A view from a hill, looking into the harbor.
In the harbor, looking at some of the pretty shops.
The weather was great! Thank goodness! Our tour guide told us that you can rent a boat for fishing here for either 70 euros for half a day or 100 euros for a full day. How wonderful would that be!?! Someday, I'll get a few friends, pack a cooler, and enjoy a day of fishing in this beautiful setting!
Common village road. One car only and you better not have an SUV as your car! I would think driving here would be a nightmare...but Branden thinks it's fun. Boys...
Apparently Guinness was given for free to pregnant women in hospitals because of it's nutritional value! I love these old ads.
St. Multose Church which was built in 1190.
The windows though were probably made in the 1960's and are probably painted glass, but they were beautiful!
This is a newer looking this a common issue??? Well, at least it's not as bad as some of the signs in Japan!
A cute little cottage with boat window boxes! I almost think that everyone here must be an artist.
Some very colorful shops! Ok, and I also love that I got a pregnant woman and her cute family in the shot...I think pregnant women are adorable!

Happy Monday to all you suckers that have to work!  

*ducks staplers being thrown


  1. Cute village, that's for sure. Colorful and full of character.

  2. Enjoyed your photos PCP. - Dave


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