Thursday, July 7, 2011

Helpful Tip of the Day!

If you are painting with watercolors, DO NOT put your tea mug next to your water jar!


  1. No, no, no! did it come out? Not the tea, obviously. It could make for interesting texture. I'd love to see it.

  2. Luckily, I never actually put my brush in my tea but I had quite a few close calls. I would try and put my mug away from the water jar but then every time I would take another sip, I put it back next to the water jar and have yet another close call...some people are slow learners :) Oh but the painting turned out ok. It's only my second ever watercolor painting so I have A LOT to learn (I might consider posting it with enough wine in my system)!

  3. Great advice. Here's mine, don't buy a bird table when you've got three cats.

  4. Now THAT'S a good hint. Never thought of that. I'd like to see your painting PCP? - Dave

  5. LOL
    next tip. . .
    when wearing all white, don't try to just touch up that one red nail before you hop out of the car to go grocery shopping.
    luckily I was prepared to spend the night and had a bag packed. I had to change in the grocery store parking lot. YIKES!
    now I am working on my white pants with some strong Acetone from ACE Hardware.


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