Monday, July 25, 2011

Weekend Rewind

Funny how I didn't really have any problems with peer pressure in my teens but sadly, I couldn't take it anymore and I finally joined Twitter. I was a late convert to Facebook so at least I'm consistently slow. It was hard to come up with a user name too and was stuck with only enough characters to have P_Cell_Princess (how gangsta do I sound for a white girl in Ireland!?!) Since I don't text message (and share a cell phone with my husband) I suppose I can try and gain some more attributes of a person my age through all of this. It is really nice to not be tied to a cell phone though and I found when I was back in the States last it was really hard to get back into texting (and I was ridiculously slow at it!). Well, Twitter is different and I'm much better with a keyboard so I think I will be addicted adjusted soon!

Update on my last post about not knowing what was lurking up and down our stairway...It turns out to be a she, about in her early 50's and (from spying behind the curtains) a smoker. My theory: She has emphysema and can't strain her lung capacity by going up and down stairs so she takes her time. So listen up kids: don't smoke! You can get emphysema and have people think you are a crazy person who walks on their hands up stairs (according to Tony Van Helsing) or you have cloven hooves so must be either the Devil or Mr. Tumnus (according to Joshua)! If that isn't enough to make you quit smoking, then I don't know what will!

On a 'super excited, almost to the point of pants peeing' note I got another box-o-fun from my Mom-in-law!! She sent some more really nice watercolor paper, extra fine brushes, jewelry tweezers, necklace clasps, jewelry thread, beads, sequins, more wool, and some other things to make me totally distracted by all the fun things I can make!! I spent about an hour sitting on my bed when it came first thing this morning, sitting in my underwear, pulling apart a necklace to revamp it and make it better, with Branden wondering if I was ever going to shower. Yes, I did finally shower (at about 1:30) but I cleaned the bathroom first! I am too excited and have started pulling together old jewelry pieces that I never wear and have every intention of dissecting them so I can create something else that will be more 'me'. (whatever that is!)

Well, I am off to create something so I will speak to you all soon! Don't forget that I am now 'cool' and on Twitter so tweet me up or something...


  1. Gratuitous underwear comment, but I like the image.

  2. Your Mom-in-law sounds awesome :0) So fun.

  3. aw, fun! Nothing better than a good package arriving.

    LOL @ your creeper

    I tried twitter for a bit but ended up deleting my account.... I'm all-in on Google+ now... or trying to be

  4. Wow, sounds like you have a great Mother-in-Law!! That sounds like an awesome box of stuff. :)

    Have fun creating!

  5. Followed on Twitter. Welcome to the insanity.
    After my morning yesterday, I spent all afternoon sleeping on the couch in my underwear. As long as we're sharing.

  6. It must be super freeing to not have a cell phone. I am a bit jealous.

    I always end up forgetting about my twitter.. and then never updating it. haha

  7. I love that your mother-in-law sent you a care package. I want to do that with my DIL's. It is REALLY hard to be a MIL. So easy to be a mom to my daughters, but one DIL told her new groom (my son) "I have a mother, I don't NEED another one."
    8'(. That made me sad.
    What is your FB account?


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