Friday, July 15, 2011

A Laugh from the Past

Padded Cell Confessions started out as a blog on MSN Spaces back in early 2005. It went well for over 3 years and then I changed jobs and didn't have time to blog at work anymore so it sadly died. MSN Spaces is now gone and have changed to something new but I was able to save all of my past posts. I am being a little lazy because I have spent about 3 hours making a purple and orange stegosaurus for my nephew by way of needle felting and my back is shot. This will go with his dark blue with light blue spotted t-rex that I made him last night. I can't wait for him to get them! (and I really hope they are kid proof!)

Anyhoo, so this post is an old post from early 2006 when I was still working at my first ever job as a locksmith. I was a locksmith for just over 6 years and it was my favorite job by a long shot! (Obviously since my next favorite job was working at a drug and sex clinic!) I started locksmithing as an apprentice when I was 16 but since the town I lived in was a very small town, business had its down times which was perfect for starting a blog! Since the locksmith shop was slow, we also brought in a joint business that was an internet company and our location was supposed to be a 'micro shop' where I could sell and set people up to broadband or dial up or something. Here is the post and I hope you enjoy it!

Besides being a locksmith, I also sell internet service. The downside is that I know NOTHING about computers. We sell it out of our office, mostly over the phone. For some reason, the head Mucky Muck changed our DSL modem or something so we had to change our username and password. He sent me an email telling me to call tech support and have them walk me through the process. No biggie, I take directions fairly well' so I called them. I was on hold forever, finally talked to a homo sapien named Diego, got put on hold again, and when he got back he told me I had to call customer service in order to do it. I didn't know the number so he gave it to me. I called the number and a familiar voice provided the touch tone was the head Mucky Muck's voice. I followed what it said, pushed the right numbers for customer service and guess what I! It rang at my office! I am customer service! I'm now laughing and debating on calling tech support back to tell them that I AM customer service and have no clue as to what I'm doing...but their hold music sucked. So I guess this means I can tell myself whatever! What do you do when you have the question but are supposed to be the the head Mucky Muck.

Update: (the next day)

I received an email from tech support saying this:

Recently, you contacted ****** Internet Services Customer Support. We appreciate the opportunity to assist you, and we hope we were responsive to your needs.

To help us ensure that we are providing the expert assistance you require, please take a minute to fill out a short online survey by clicking on the link below.

I clicked on the link and all questions were multiple choice...I'm filling in my own answers here and will just tell them to read my blog!

1. What was the outcome of your initial contact on this request for assistance?

Feelings of stupidity, followed by laughter, then realization that this could be a problem.

2. How would you rate the agent who assisted you (Diego) on each of the following?
Courtesy:  Excellent! He knew my appreciation for bad music so he allowed me to be on hold for most of the time just so I could enjoy it!
Willingness to Help: Again another Excellent! By making me call myself for the answers it was like a self-help nightmare and I was forced to face my inner peril making me such a stronger person.
Product Knowledge: Sorry Diego, you get Poor! You didn't know the answer and made me call myself. I'm blaming you for all...(I really hope they don't send this survey to people who call me!)
Answered Questions Completely: HA! Poor! I still don't know what to say to myself, so he sent me to a totally incompetent person...but her voice is very sexy, I think she's hot...
Overall Handling of the Case: I have to give Excellent because I didn't know what I was going to blog about and this was just too entertaining!
3. How long did it take to completely resolve your problem?
  Let's see, I'm going on about 18 hours now and I still haven't gotten it taken care of. 
4. Please rate your overall level of satisfaction with the service you received.
 Diego gets a 2 but send customer service a 10 and a bonus! 
5. How would you describe your computer and Internet expertise? 
 The same as my knowledge and understanding of the reproductive habits of marsupials.
6. Please help us provide you with quality support by providing us with any comments or suggestions you think we may find useful. 

*I hope you enjoyed this laugh from my past and have a wonderful weekend!

 My creations for my nephew...I call the blue one Monstersaurus Rex!

 They aren't very big which is why I'm not making any toys for his 9 month old brother!
Branden's creation today! His watercolor of a photo of a 1958 Porsche 356A out of a magazine...I think I might need to stick to my felting...
This was mine that I mentioned a few blogs is my second ever watercolor and I really screwed up by trying to put white on with a pin and made it all gloopy. I also need to learn how to do trees, bushes and buildings (basically the whole thing!). Branden is definitely becoming the watercolor master.


  1. Start watching old Bob Ross videos on YouTube. Here's the one for Bob Ross: Painting and Evergreen Tree

  2. well hey - a blast from the past is always fun! I'm dying that you are pushing buttons thru the menu and get Yourself!!

    cute little things, that's impressive.

    Your comment? about the drunk tooth fairy? nice. Totally made my day.

  3. It's like the circle of life, you eventually end up back at yourself.

  4. Joshua: Thanks! I love Bob Ross and have fond memories of watching him at my grandparent's house when I was little.

    MommaKiss: I was dying when I rang myself! I'm glad you liked my tooth fairy story; it's still a favorite in my family :)

    Tony: Very true and also very not helpful when you looking for help! For some people though, I guess it could be helpful and profound...but I am neither of those things! ;)

  5. I'm never met a lady locksmith. What a wonderful job I would think, unless you could work in a sex clinic that is. Thanks for popping by my place young one. I'll see you soon.

  6. Yes being a locksmith was fabulous and actually women are usually better at it then men. This is because locksmithing deals with lots of tiny parts that you need to handle with tweezers and women have smaller hands and usually find it easier. The sex clinic was sex in the way of prostitutes and druggies who were getting knocked up. The office I was in dealt with all sorts of issues regarding drug users and prostitutes. Luckily I was only a receptionist which probably was the biggest contributor to why I did like the job. I will have to blog about the experience sometime.


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