Thursday, July 28, 2011

Out of Cell Message...due to technical difficulties

So apparently nobody informed me that this week was "Do Everything Possible to Annoy Me Week". Tuesday, I was ridiculously emotional and cried over everything which was not helped by every little thing just refusing to work.

Examples: Nothing was on TV so finally when Golden Girls came on, I was desperate for anything to take my mind off of another thing to cry over, but the channel started cutting in an out! It never does that! So I went to read my book in my Kindle..."I'm sorry but your batter is too low". I could have plugged it in but I was too frustrated. I tried to retreat to my happy internet world..."Server not connecting" AHHHHHH!!! And it is STILL not working. There is something wrong with a line and we might have it back in the next couple of days. (Irish translation: probably when I am old and senile so just start drinking now to forget about it.)

Then Wednesday I got quite sick with a painfully nauseous stomach and horrible nagging headache (again, I reiterate: NOT pregnant!). Today, I am feeling better except my allergies are kicking up something fierce and my allergy meds are not putting up much of a fight. I actually think they have wet themselves somewhere in my throat in fear of the aggressive pollen and that is what I keep hacking on.

So this all comes down to:

I'm sorry but I have fallen off the face of the Earth temporarily and am managing to hang on by my little finger. If you see the lost drunk lazy helpful internet repair guy, please send him my direction so I can be rescued. Thank you and I'll hopefully see you by Monday!


  1. This message brought to you by sitting in the University's muggy cafe...

  2. That's so hard. When it rains it pours. I hope it'll stop pouring over there and that the sun will come out like never before :0)

  3. Sounds like you just need to sleep anyway. That thought makes me jealous. Feel better and get connected soon!

  4. See how quickly civilisation unravels when the powers cout out.

  5. lol The internet! Such a wonderful invention that drives us all batty! Hope you feel better soon girl. Nothing like allergies to make you want to kick a donkey. ;)


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