Monday, February 27, 2012

Home from the hospital

Just wanted to do a quick update for my blogging family on how I've been doing. Not so good...but things are looking better. In a nutshell, I spent the wee hours of the morning and mid morning in the hospital. I had very bad lower abdominal pain which apparently is the result of a bladder infection that got inflamed and traveled up to my kidney, giving me a kidney infection.

It was not a fun morning, especially for a needlephobe like me, and the nurses decided to make me a pin cushion in an attempt to get blood drawn from me. I have two 'attempts' that look like a vampire bite on the inside of my elbow and then finally they had to have the doctor give me the nasty IV lead in the back of my hand so he could draw it from there...most painful IV I've ever had!! That doctor needs a lesson in being gentle but judging by his needle skills, he's only had jousting lessons! They kept me for a few hours to get the blood results back and to make sure I wasn't having an appendicitis. Thank goodness I had a horde of people praying that it wasn't an appendicitis, so *whew!

Anyway, I am exhausted and so is poor Branden, who is battling the nasty cold that I gave him on top of it. So we are off to bed but we have to say that we have amazing friends here. I will sing of their praises and give you more details about my morning later but for now, I am going to crash......


  1. Holy crap! Rest, rest, rest. Feel better!

  2. Oh young one, I am so sorry for your miseries; but glad that you're home and hopefully on the mend. I too am a "hard stick" and know the fun of having someone inept try to start an IV.

    There is a cream called EMLA- it's a RX but totally worth it. You can rub it on 30 minutes before anything like IV's being done and you won't feel a thing- I promise.

    I hope the both of you feel better soon.

  3. POOR BABIES!! I hope you're both better soon!

    I'd never heard of Bodacious' EMLA cream--why don't the hospitals use it--or at least tell you it exists?

  4. I wrote you a comment then blogger went nuts. so here it is again. I hope you feel better girl. Those kinds of infections suck!

  5. Oh that's awful! I had a kidney infection when I was pregnant with the twins, and it was the worst...ugh. Hopefully, they gave you some great pain meds and you can sleep until it goes away. Hang in there, my friend!

  6. My wife came down with a bladder infection on our honeymoon (per the doc, it is VERY common for brides). Hope the antibiotics kick in and whoop those bugs as quick for you as they did for her.

  7. My poor, pitiful princess. I have been through this agony, too. I pray for you, Princess.

    Janie Junebug, who is now on twitter and wants to be followed

  8. Oh gosh! I hate hearing this! Get better soon, darls! :o(

  9. Poor you. I was hoping you'd be alright by now. What do you mean, 'two attempts'? You're a needlephobe and they couldn't find the right spot? You hear that a lot. I'm a needlephobe, too, so I generally leave my Dad's gun at home for fear of having to shoot a nurse. Just kidding. But it's a good thing they know what's wrong with you, Padded Cell Princess. Get well soon!

    - RC


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