Thursday, February 2, 2012

Oh the horrors!

So as I mentioned in my last 'non-post post', I had a friend, Marcie, over all day to make sure she wasn't by herself as she's going through a kidney stone while being pregnant. I should note that being pregnant means any pain relief she can have from her kidney stone would only come in the form of Tylenol because the prescription pain killers are too strong for baby...also note that I would have DIED if I had to 'get by' on Tylenol. She will probably laugh her way through childbirth after this ordeal!

Anyhoo, we had a such a fun day! She came over for lunch and I made pizza puffs, broccoli salad and then later when our other friend stopped by for a visit, I sent us all into a chocolate coma by making my mug brownie AND shoving half a Toblerone triangle down the middle of it! Oh My Heavens!!! After our visiting friend left, Marcie and I went into my room and sat on the bed to chat. Branden was sitting at the desk laughing along with us when all of a sudden, I got really excited! Out the bedroom window, I saw not just one, but two kitties, run along my back garden wall!!! Marcie by then, had heard all about my "I want a pet!!" moaning so she wasn't too surprised as I squealed like a little girl seeing Disneyland for the first time. This is how it went:

Me: EEEEEEE!!!! There are TWO kitties!! They are so cute!!
Marcie: Awwww, how sweet!
Me: *bouncing up and down excitedly on the bed a bit and still squealing
Marcie: Wait, what's that one doing??
Me: Uh....
Marcie: Is it trying to eat it?
Me: Oh my goodness!
Marcie: It's biting it's neck!
*one kitty proceeds to 'mount' the other kitty as we are watching, now in horror!
At this point, I jumped off the bed, threw the window open and yelled: NO HAVING SEX IN MY BACK YARD!!
The naughty kitties ran away...probably to find a more secluded bush...

Branden was at the desk so he couldn't actually see out our window, but he got to watch our faces the whole time and he was laughing at us so hard! Needless to say, I've got my 'kitty fix', the neighbors need to get their kitties fixed, and I probably laughed off that amazing mug cake because it just got sillier when her husband came over from work for dinner. We'd never met him before and we fed the poor guy a giant dried caterpillar (story about THAT soon to come!) and at one point he looked at me and asked, "Who are you people???". I'm pretty sure he enjoyed himself though as we all were just a barrel of laughs all night.


  1. There's a lot of cat sex floating around the blogosphere at the moment.

  2. And now I can't unsee it in my mind's eye either. Thanks.

  3. That's an image. :)

    Your neighbors must love you...all the sex yelling and such.

  4. Hahaha what has been seen cannot be unseen. That's one to remember Padded Cell Princess. I would have DIED, too, if I had to get by on Tylenol. I've been having this terrible headache for five days in a row now and nothing - pills... bourbon.... pills AND bourbon... (no, I'm kidding) - makes it go away. I can only imagine what giving birth must feel like. Good thing I've never seen it (what has been seen...), but I remember clearly the kind of sounds my sister-in-law made when my nephew decided he wanted to meet all of us. I ran out of the hospital, no joke. I said I needed some fresh air. Hahaha. So how are the kitties? Back or still doing a bit of acrobatics in a secluded space? Have a nice day!

  5. I'm with JOSHUA--I don't think this image will ever leave me........

  6. Well I'm trying something new Maggie.. I'm alone today so hopefully my fingers are on the right keys. I just came over to say thank you for your encouraging comments. Srorry I can't read your blog. Hoping to find a way to do that soon. Big hugs girl.

  7. Ah stray cat sex. We have none of that around here. All our cats are fixed. Their idea of a good time involves knocking each other silly and leaping through the air like rabbits on crack.

  8. She's going through kidney stones with nothing but Tylenol for the pain? Sweet Jesus, how can she do that?

    As far as the kitties go, just be glad they weren't dogs. They get stuck together doing the deed you know.

  9. Now I know the subject of tonight's nightmares.


  10. Glad you had fun Maggie. It gives our lives a lift huh? - Dave


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