Monday, March 5, 2012

I'm back! If only my brain knew...

So I am finally off meds, feeling better, but I still have some leftovers from the cold and my energy is still lacking. I slept in till almost 11 this morning (unusual even for me) and my brain is still thinking it's nap time. I am cheating a bit today by sharing an old story with you. This was written for my old blog back in 2006, when I was a wee 22 year old. Since it's also Music Monday, I have a song to share from a friend who's music video I recently shared. She has put out yet another song and this one is so catchy and fun! She even came and saw us 2 weeks ago (the day before I got sick) with another friend! It was great to have people from home in our neck of the woods and we absolutely loved having them! This song is actually written by both of them (although Noelle seemed to say it was mostly Braden's doing), and it has a fantastic message. I hope you all enjoy it and share it as much as I do!

Now for the tale from the past:

The Blackberry Pie Bomb

In the summer, when I was about 15, my cousin (who lived in Minnesota at the time) had to go to Colorado with her husband for some business meetings. They only had 2 kids at the time (now they have something like 7 last I heard!). The oldest was probably only 4, and the youngest was probably only 2. My cousin, Kristin, was going to fly me down to watch the kids while they were in meetings. I thought this would be great! 

The plan was for me to fly to Denver and then we'd drive around Colorado for about 4 or 5 days until we finally got to Snow Mass (which is just outside of Aspen). This was where the meetings were and also where our two storied, 3 bedroom, 4 bathroom condo was! It was bigger than my house! I only watched the kids for a few hours out of the whole trip, and it was usually in the evening when they were sleeping. I got to stay in incredibly nice hotels, bed and breakfasts, condos, went on a morning horseback ride through the woods on a Tennessee Walker, and even got paid! It was great, but now for the explanation of the blackberry pie bomb. 

Blackberry pie is a big thing in my family. At any big get together we HAVE to have blackberry pie. Not just any blackberry pie either, homemade with wild, picked by my dad, blackberries, and Mmmmmm warm with vanilla ice cream. Since my cousin lived in Minnesota, she had been missing out on blackberry pies, so my mom decided to make her one. The only problem was transporting it. She made it in a glass casserole type dish that had a Tupperware lid on it. I had to stow it in my carry on bag, and dad didn't want it coming open so he covered it with cardboard and duct tape. It looked like a redneck footstool when he got done with it! The thing weighed like 10lbs too! 

When I got to the airport to check in my bag, security put it through the x-ray machine thing and of course all they saw was some solid black, large, brick type they put it through the bomb scan! I was so embarrassed. I was just praying that I didn't resemble some 15 year old Caucasian, blue eyed, terrorist! (luckily this was before 9/11) It passed inspection; they didn't open my bag and didn't even ask me about it...thank God! When I arrived in Denver, my cousin met me and offered to take my bag. She grabbed it and exclaimed, "Oh my gosh! What did you pack, bricks?" I smiled at her and said, "Nope, a blackberry pie!" Her totally puzzled look was priceless and then we cracked up as I told her the story. It was a good pie too! 

Tomorrow, I'll be over at my other blog With a Meek Heart, answering Joshua's question of why I am not allowed to work in Ireland. For those of you who have wondered, you will want to take a peek...then throw rocks at the Irish government!  


  1. I'm so glad you are feeling better my friend.. I hate having kidney infections worse than I hate going to the eye doctor!
    The song was cute. You wouldn't be able to get through security with a pie now. They'd confiscate it and go in the back room and eat it! Turds! I always wonder what my toothpaste oor shampoo ever did to them! lol

  2. Welcome back to the Land of the Living--well, almost!!

  3. So glad you're doing better. I was really worried about you for a while there.

  4. Welcome back! Glad you're feeling better my friend!

  5. You do fly with blackberry pie! I'm glad you feel better.


  6. Glad you are feeling (mostly) better. You got a busy day of hitting 18 different stores to fill your tiny shelf in the fridge.

  7. That blackberry pie sounded great Maggie. I liked Noelle song too. Incidentally, was she born on Christmas day? - Dave

  8. What is it with you and airport security :) You look so meek, mild and innocent..... I'm glad you're feeling better now and that you're off the medication. :)


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