Wednesday, June 20, 2012

An "Average" Wife...

The amazing, wonderful Michele AKA BodaciousBoomer posted a marital test for husbands and wives that was published back in 1939. I took it and only scored a 7 which was bad because apparently you needed over 70some points to be "Very Superior". I could only see that there were 25 points possible so when I shared this on Facebook, my friends pointed out that it was actually a longer test and it gave the husband's side!

You can take the test over at BobaciousBoomer's site by clicking HERE and you also should make sure that you are following her blog, if you don't already, because she is hysterical and fabulous! She is an amazing artist, which I find it a bit ironic that my mom-in-law is an amazing artist as well and spells her name the same way "Michele" does with one "l". (TOP TIP: if you want an incredibly artistic child, name her Michele with one "l"). You can see some of Boomer's stuff and get updates on her items for purchase by simply liking her Facebook page: Ecofab Gifts

So back to the test. Branden and I took it and we had a laugh filling out the questions for each other! Branden had a whopping 109 merits and only 14 demerits so he got a grand total of 95! Well above the "Very Superior" range! And myself??? Ummm, well, I did get 84 merits....but I also got 30 demerits so I only ended up with a lousy 54 points! That puts me in the "Average" range. Some of the questions were hilarious though and Branden did say that I lost out on a lot of points since we dont't have I would think that I am far from "Average"!

So how well did you do and do you have any favorite questions? You can leave your responses either here or just over at BodaciousBoomer's because I'm there all the time and love reading her comments!


  1. I'm scared to take that test. I have a feeling I'd end up somewhere around the 0-3 scoring range. I may brave it though....:)

  2. I can't wait to take the test :0)

  3. That photo of you is hilarious. It puts you in the top all in itself.

  4. I looked at the test and couldn't make myself take it. I'm a failure and I know it. It's all good, Mama. And I LOVE your photo with your face contorted into that interesting and pretty shape.

    Janie the Happy Failure

  5. I never checked out the test Maggie, but looking at your photo here I would say that you are right - you are far from average! :-) - Dave

  6. Like I told Michele I do not test well and therefore refuse to partake. Ok fine I would fail my butt off and don't need the added humiliation of feeling I was inadequate! lol You are NOT an average wife woman! Well above average so give Brandon, a teeny tiny punch on the upper thigh. You know the spot where you muscle cramps when punched? No? Hmm I'll have to teach you that. :)

  7. If you're not a superior wife, what in the world will I have to do to be an average husband (as of September 21)? Of course you are far from average... right, Branden? ;)

    P.S. Nice picture.

  8. Let's see here:

    Ardent lover –sees that wife has orgasm in marital congress.

    Rolls in bed covers- pulls them off wife.

    Oh, boy... not touching this one with a ten foot pole.

  9. I will take the test after Rudolph and I get married.
    NO! He hasn't proposed! But doncha like how I'm positive he will someday? :)


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