Monday, June 4, 2012

Oh how I love June!

We had a good weekend for the most part. The not so good part was just that my throat decided that it wanted to make it extremely difficult and painful to eat or drink anything. The worst of it was Saturday, when Branden had to work all day, but he brought me home some good numbing lozenges and I significantly improved throughout Sunday.

Friday night was wonderful though. My throat was starting to bug me but we were able to go out and enjoy a gorgeous June evening. We brought the camera and headed to the park by our house, and then our usual walk up the river. The weather was nice, the sun was setting, and I somehow managed to not even inhale a single bug! Here are some shots we got.

It was a wonderful walk, especially since it chucked down rain the entire next day! Oh well, it's green here for a reason!

On Sunday, we heard music coming from the park so we decided to go explore. Sure enough, there was an event on with 2 music stages, lots of kid's activities, and a good number of food and drinks vendors. We stopped by a baker's booth since she had a 3 for 5 Euro deal. Branden got a Belgian chocolate mousse, I got a white cupcake with little chocolate pieces and sugar glitter on top, and our third item was a giant chocolate chip cookie which we heated in the oven and ate today after lunch...mmmmmm! We also got some coffee and then went to the main stage and listened to a band finish their set. With it only being about 3 in the afternoon, and bands set to play until 5, we decided to pop back home really quickly to get a blanket to sit on, some water, snacks, and umbrellas (since the rain wasn't making it's mind up on if it was going to mist on us or pour on us). We had a great time listening to a few other bands, and even got a CD. There were lots of people, lots of dogs, tons of kids dancing, and great music. At one point I discovered that I had been sitting on a very large earthworm, but other than that, things were fabulous!

Today, Branden and I set to book a place for our 3rd wedding anniversary that will be at the end of this month, but things didn't go the way we had hoped. Our original intent was to book a place in Killarney since we haven't been yet, but it just ended up being really frustrating trying to find a place and oddly didn't feel right. So we got random and now have a B&B book for 2 nights in Galway! We've never been there either and I think a quirky Irish town on the coast is just what we need. We're pretty excited now and we'll be anxious for a 3 day little holiday since it's been a while since our last one.

I was going to share with you some music that we heard yesterday, but I couldn't find it so I may have to share it at a later time. Thankfully though, a friend of mine on facebook shared this video that had Branden and me cracking up! I love "Misheard Lyrics" videos anyway but this one is brilliant! It may just brighten your Monday up a bit!


  1. That was one lucky earthworm.

    Seriously, though... gorgeous photos as always.

  2. So first of all I feel your pain with the throat thing. I don't know what is going on but mine is killing me! Oddly enough since Friday night. Go figure! The pictures are gorgeous and once again I'm a bit jealous of you. :) As for the bands and stuff that is my kind of fun right there. Love it!
    PS when you get a sec come vote on my blog for your favorite picture!

  3. Your day at the park sounded terrific! Loved the video. When my daughter was small, she thought a line in John Denver's "Annie's Song" was "Let me drown in your bathtub." (It's "Let me drown in your laughter.")

  4. Loved the music! Hope you are feeling better.

  5. Glad you able to squeeze in a great day before the deluge.

  6. Beautiful photos -- especially the last one. Love the video. You're a hoot.


  7. I'm so jealous! All the pictures are beautiful and it's pretty much awesome you guys can book a three day getaway to fun places that aren't super far away.

  8. Sorry...I got lost in pictures 5, 6, & 7.

  9. I liked your photos Maggie. It looks like typical Ireland to me (never having been there) - Dave

  10. You could sell those photos--they're gorgeous! I hope you'll have a wonderful anniversary ;)

  11. Beautiful shots! Thanks for sharing them!

    I recall once having a particularly bad sore throat... my landlady got me started on drinking tea, and that really soothed it. With lots of sugar.


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