Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Out of cell message...due to brain inactivity

I'm sorry buy my brain has checked out for the day in an attempt to fight off sleepiness and search for some form of mental clarity. Funny tales are far out of reach in my memory log and I'm not even sure that I can remember my age at this point. (NOTE: if you do know it, please don't remind me and let me live in temporary bliss)

I just saw something shiny and I have brief recollection of making something decadent that contained sugar, butter, and lemon so I may drag myself out of bed and see what wonders I can discover from foraging in the kitchen. I think I may be needing to do something that is often referred to as "cleaning" and "laundry" (do these words sound right?) but for some reason the only thing that I can think of is to specify the phrase "NO, I'M STILL NOT PREGNANT SO FORGET EVEN SUGGESTING IT".

Yes, that seems about right so I'm going to leave you now as typing is draining the slivers of energy remaining from my 2 cups of coffee and sugar from lemon yumminess that I ate earlier. And to quote a phrase by I don't know who, "If you see my mind wandering, please bring it home as it is too small to be out on it's own." It should look fuzzy, half asleep, and like a cat when it's just woken up...


  1. our minds are probably out together again. Woke up, showered, ate and am drinking coffee before work. Still fuzzy.....

  2. Two things:
    Thing one--I'm not familiar with the words "cleaning" or "laundry".
    Thing two--I hope you're not getting sick again.

  3. Wait, did we switch bodies or something? Never "mind
    ha ha, get it?! what was I going to comment on again...

  4. Mind? What mind? Mine left 33 years ago.


  5. "cleaning" and "laundry" . . . those terms do sound vaguely familiar lol ;) Get some good rest :)

  6. Not exactly sure what to say young one. Hope you're back to yourself soon.

  7. I hope it wasn't my last post that dissolved your brain.

  8. No need to apologize... for my brain sometimes checks out for an entire week. So actually you're doing great. (Just trying to cheer you up.) If today weren't my birthday, I bet I wouldn't remember my age either... Now, you take a good rest and get well soon.

  9. Get some rest! And then more rest! Followed by rest, rest, and relaxation.


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