Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Finally, someone takes me seriously!

It's a good thing we went on our anniversary trip when we did as things are going a mile a minute here. When I managed to get to my email yesterday, I noticed an odd email that I almost marked as junk right off. Something made me read it though (probably because it was short!) and I busted up laughing and read it off to Branden. I have taken out their name, website, and link and replaced it with my interpretation which you will see in "quotes" and underlined


We at "thinkyouarecrazy".net came across your blog and thought we’d direct your attention to something you might enjoy. Our article, “8 Exercises to Improve Your Mental Health”, was recently published, and we think it’s something you and your community would enjoy reading or sharing. Here’s the link: (www."wethinkyourreadersarenutsaswell".com.org.uk.ie).

Let me know if there’s anything we can do for you. Meanwhile, keep up the great work!

"Lady who has never actually read your blog"

As soon as I read this to Branden, I stated, "They think that I am like an actual crazy person blogging from a padded cell, and they think my readers are crazy too!"

 So this is what I would write back to them:


I can see that your understanding of sarcasm is nil, so I apologize now for the fact that you won't understand this reply at all. I have happily been blogging from my padded cell for over a year now and I am afraid that your 8 exercises would jeopardize my content greatly. If I achieve good mental health, then how do you expect me to continue my life in my cell and my ability to relate with my readers? I discussed your email over with my singing frog Gary in our fort yesterday and he also brought up the fact that you probably would want me to give up my love of licking park benches and my collection of decapitated lawn gnomes. Gary hasn't led me wrong since the time he told me to have my birthday party in a graveyard back in '99, so I am going to trust his judgement and pass on your article. 

Congratulations on getting published though; it's quite an achievement. I am technically published too, although it's mostly my doctor's research on my brain surges at the mention of the word "kitty". I'd send you a link but my institution doesn't allow me that type of access on my computer. Oh and please don't bug my readers with this stuff either. If you helped them all, then it would just be me and Gary, and our dear friend the Dustbunny, and that would sadden us all. Thank you though for seeing and appreciating my special needs and reaching out  to try and help...although Nurse Susan lost a finger that way last time...Gary's a bit of a biter.

Maggie, Queen of the Cell

P.S. For the future, don't judge a blog by it's title! ...or author for that matter!


  1. I was cracking up while reading this. Great job crazy girl!

  2. You should send that for sure! lmao

  3. Hah! I'm wondering what they meant by "your community". Nutjobs in padded cells with delusions of royalty who happen to have internet access? The word "kitty" has made my brain surge on several occasions.

  4. Oh, Maggie Pie, this is so funny. You made me laugh, dear girl. And of course your readers are crazy. Or at least that one named Lola is.


  5. I bet you make the best use out of the limited space in your padded cell. That's what Gary told me, anyway.

  6. How I love your humor. I hope they reply. Just because it would be fun for you to write them again.

  7. You might want to redirect them to me.

  8. Awesome response you totally loony nut job!! I hope they actually read it and respond. :)

  9. Ha! I get those weird emails here and there...and it's always sooo obvious they have no idea what your blog is actually about. I responded one day that I'd like to participate in what they were offering, and the girl wrote me back that they'd changed their mind. I'm still confused...

  10. oh my gosh. did you ever try the 8 exercises?!

  11. Oh, that's perfect!

    Decapitated lawn gnomes sounds like a good name for a rock band....


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