Monday, July 23, 2012

Library Pile

I am the type of reader that gets sucked into a book and doesn't come out until hours later, usually to eat or pee, and then gets back into where I left off. Last year, when we first moved here, we hardly knew anyone and my anxiety was flipping out over me dragging it into yet another new country so I didn't leave the house often which made it perfect for me to get into reading again. One of my wonderful cousins gave us a Kindle before we moved to Ireland so that also was a spur.

The past few months have not been in my favor for reading. This isn't necessarily a bad thing as Branden has been using the Kindle a lot for articles he needs for his research, and I have been busy with friends and new volunteer projects. I have quite the line up of books to read though, and now that life has been kicking off over here for me I want to share some that are in my stack. And since it's also Music Monday, I have a link for a free CD that you can download.

Melynda, the fabulous and amazing over at Crazy World, has been popping out a series of books over the last few months. Currently there is Just Nonsense and More Nonsense but there will be two more books for your reading enjoyment over the next few months! If you love a good laugh, then these will be a perfect book series for you!

Elisa, the marvellous and wonderful over at The Crazy Life of a Writing Mom, seems to be publishing a book every time I blink! I read her first book The Golden Sky and it was fantasic! Since then, she has also published The Sword of Senack, Bible Girl & The Bad Boy, How to Lose a Tooth, and The Best of ECWrites. You can obviously see why my library is so backed up!

And now, for your musical pleasure, I give you Abby Mae & the Homeschool Boys. Most of the members are good friends of Branden and he even used to be in a small band with some of them called The Jammin Salmon. Sadly, Abby Mae & the Homeschool Boys are having their final concert soon, and we won't get to go back to the States and hear them play sad! Their concerts were always fun and their music is incredible. You can download a live CD for free by going HERE and you can buy their newest CD by going HERE. You can even preview the songs, which I highly suggest that you do for their new CD. Track 7, Drunken Drowsy King Joey (a twist on the original song Drowsy Maggie) is amazing and I'm pretty sure they were actually trying to kill Joey by seeing how fast he could play on that fiddle!

So happy Monday everyone! Enjoy your reading and enjoy your music!


  1. I'm an avid reader, too! Usually I get a pile of reading done over the summer, but I'm not getting as much done as usual. I've bought and read Melynda's books, and three of Elisa's. I concur, they are both awesome! (At least I've read almost all of those!)
    Good luck getting more reading accomplished!

  2. My Nook is also backed up with many of the same books. Between Melynda and Elisa, I'm busy just downloading all their fabulous books. They need to add a couple of more months to summer, so we can finish all of them. :)

  3. Never mind writing this, you've got too much reading to do.

  4. You are soooo sweet :) Thanks for the mention.

  5. I have a stack of blogger friends books growing on my shelf. Great writers amongst us! Happy Monday!!!!!!

  6. I'm so very, very proud of Elisa and Melynda. You need to check out Dee Ready, too, Maggie. Her books are beautiful.


  7. I haven't been getting nearly enough reading done as I should, and I love reading! It seems there's never enough time in the day....


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