Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Special News Bulletin

We interrupt today's funny for a heart wrenching story going on in the back gardens of my neighborhood

Since Monday, we have heard a kitten yowling from a neighbor's back garden. There are kittens that we have seen running around the back garden walls but we figured that this one had fallen off of one of the walls into a garden that it can't get out of. We think it's two gardens down from us, which would make sense because that person has been gone for days, and the big stone walls are about 8ft tall. We don't have a ladder and even on a chair, Branden's head barely peeks over our wall. We even tried going to the bordering neighbors to see about trying to get to the kitten from their gardens but one neighbor wasn't answering and the other one has a big hedge on top of the wall and didn't seem to even care about the situation.

I hadn't heard it much in the day yesterday since I was busy but in the evening, we heard the poor thing crying and crying. It was after hours so the Irish Animal Control (ISPCA) was closed and the only other option they gave was to call the police for emergencies. I considered it an emergency but I was certain the police wouldn't and would just tell me to call the ISPCA in the morning. Trying to sleep was horrific last night as I just kept thinking of anything else we could do (trust me, I have thought of it all!!) and I was even so distraught from hearing the kitten, I slept with Branden's used earplugs in. I did lose it last night and just sobbed to Branden about how sick I felt over this poor little kitty.

This morning we still heard the kitten and I called the ISPCA as soon as they opened. I got an answering machine but I left a message and they called back soon after but I was in the shower. Branden answered my phone and told them the situation and they said they'd contact someone in our area. Now I'm in the waiting game. I can still hear the poor thing and it's killing me but I'm just hoping and praying that their person comes soon. If someone doesn't come soon, I will be calling back to find out when they are coming because I can't take the thought of that sweet little kitty trapped anymore!

I will keep you all posted!

Update #1: I phoned the ISPCA to find out if they had an estimated time of their person in Cork who will be coming for the kitten. They said they only have 1 officer who covers all of Cork County and they have no idea where exactly he is and when he'd be able to get here. I told the people that we were still trying to find a way to get to the kitten ourselves and they said that was fine but to keep them posted and if we get the kitten we need to take it to a vet for a check. We phoned some friends in town and found out they had a ladder so Branden walked down to get it. He's on his way back now.

Update #2: Branden came back with the ladder and we grabbed a pillow case and backpack and prepared to hop the walls. Branden got on top of the wall and then I did as well. As we were about to put the ladder into the neighbor's garden so we could climb down, we noticed a guy in the garden of the house we thought the kitten was in! Now we looked like awkward cat burglars (pardon the pun) on a wall so we got down as quick as we could and headed to the house. We spoke with the man and he said that the cats weren't his but they have access in and out of his garden and no kitten was trapped in it. He also didn't sound too concerned but we at least narrowed down then that the kitten isn't in any of the gardens on our side of the street. It must be on the gardens from the street behind us that border our gardens. At this point we are going to wait for the ISPCA because they will look a bit more official if they have to hop multiple garden walls and not like a bunch of inexperienced burglars. Still hoping they come soon!

Update #3: I phoned the ISPCA about half an hour before they closed to find out if I should call someone else after hours. I was told that the officer would be here between 8-9 tonight as she is in the middle of a job with the police. For the most part of the day, I have been in my front living room so I couldn't hear the kitten as the sound is just too distressing for me. I have checked in my room a few times to find out if I could hear it still but it's been mostly quiet. Before I made my last call, I did hear it much quieter than previously and it didn't meow for very long. I am really hoping it kicks off and starts yowling again tonight when the officer arrives so we can try and figure out just where it's coming from.

Update #4: I haven't heard a peep out of the kitten since early afternoon but I have heard a lot of people in the back gardens, possibly the one the kitten was in. We think it finally was let out! It's now after 9pm and I recently got off the phone with the ISPCA lady (who is very nice!) and she figured that it must have been rescued. She did tell me that she would be around the city tomorrow morning so if we hear it tonight or tomorrow then we need to phone dispatch and she'll come first thing. I am praying and hoping that all is well and since it looks like this whole ordeal is finally over with, we're sitting down to Austin Powers with a beer! I don't think I've ever really needed one before, but after the past few days, it's wonderful!

Update #5:  No sound all night or all day from the kitten. We are sure now that it was saved yesterday and all must be well. *Whew!


  1. I hope everything will turn out okay. Poor kitten.

  2. Aw! I hate that. I hope it's not trapped and hurt Let us know girl. Oh and snap a picture. I love kittens.

  3. I have three cats and would have kicked the fucking wall down to find it.

  4. Three cheers for Kitty rescue! That's what I'm choosing to believe happened.

  5. I don't think A beer is going to do it. Thanks for trying to be a good citizen of the planet, though.

  6. God bless Kitty, and God bless you.


  7. Please let us know if the kitty was rescued, that is so sad. I couldn't stand that cry myself.

  8. I hate cats, but I really hope this one's all right.


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