Saturday, November 12, 2011

Casual Comment Chat Day...and some plotting

Thanks for stopping in today and wasting some of your Saturday with me! If you haven't heard what's going on and my basic rules for this Chat Day, then just take a peek at yesterday's post.

I mentioned a prank of freezing mentos in ice and then putting them in diet coke. I decided to see if anyone has done this so I turned to my good friend youtube. Unfortunately I was highly disappointed to find that it didn't work! I checked some other videos too but still no luck.

This did give me an idea though. Even though the mentos didn't explode, they still would make the coke taste horrible. So what about freezing other discrete nasty flavors in ice and then placing them in unsuspecting drinks!

On to a more entertaining to watch prank. Elisa may be nicer on her brother and not go for this type of prank but I found it extremely funny to watch! Thank goodness I didn't know how to do this when I was a kid!

So any ideas? Comments? Further youtube videos? Or if you have any random questions you have for me then I'm open to that as well. where's my coffee???


  1. One year for April Fool's, I setup my brother's alarm by soldering a stereo speaker into the alarm's speaker, set the alarm for 3am, and turned the volume up loud. The speaker was hidden, of course. After he was asleep, I put duct tape over his eyes. The alarm went off, scared him out of his mind, he couldn't see, and when he pulled the tape off, his eyebrows came with it.

    It was worth the month of grounding I received.

  2. Oh My Goodness!!! That would be worth the punishment! Hahahaha, that is just brilliant!
    I used to have a very loud alarm clock and that in itself was enough to startle me was horrible.

  3. I knew you were funny--I DIDN'T know you were evil. Way to go, Maggie!!

  4. No matter how sugar coated someone may look, they must have a bit of evil in them ;)

  5. Unscrew the head of the shower, put KoolAid mix inside the shower head, screw back on... and don't use the shower until your 'frenemy' does... I'm pretty sure we might have tried to do this to Luke at one point in time

  6. Oooh, Alicia, that is fantabulous! Hehehe, poor Luke...oh wait, he probably deserved it ;)

  7. the saran wrap thing works well over a toilet bowl too

  8. Don't have any ideas at the moment (I'm not big on pranks), but I did want to stop in and say "hello".
    Hope you have a fabulous weekend! I'm doing best to keep Peanut's playing "mess" contained to one room...So far I'm not winning...oh well...

  9. LMAO!!!! That is funny/evil at its BEST XD
    Me, i'm not really an april fools kind of person but you'd think that the mentos ice thing would work wouldn't you? Huh....I guess freezing it changes it's chemical composition.

  10. If plastic wrap ends up over my toilet bowl, I will not be the one cleaning up. I'm sorry. I'm simply cannot think of a single prank tonight. I think Elisa, Melynda, and Shane own the prank franchise.


  11. Either Icy/Hot or Vaseline on the toilet depending upon the level of evil.

    Or, try this:
    1 - Squeeze out a small amount of tooth paste onto a plate.

    2 - Mix in a large does of garlic powder.

    3 - Use a butter knife to pack the vile back in the tube.

    4 - Sleep with your eyes open.

  12. Ouch! You and all previous commenters are evil! :-) - Dave

  13. That is sooo interesting about the ice.

    You really need to help me plot against my brother LOL!

  14. I hear the Jackass guys are looking for a new producer, I think they just found you...

  15. I thought of a new prank. Collect stray hairs that Branden sheds, and leave them on his pillow. A little each night for about a week. Then, while he's sleeping, shave his head. :^D


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