Saturday, November 5, 2011

P.S. for the Weekend

I know I don't post on weekends (and I also know how odd that must seem since I don't have a job) but I completely forgot to mention in my posts this week that I made a small appearance in a couple of other blogs this week.

My good bloggy buddy Bodacious Boomer occasionally posts photos for her 'Bizzarometer'. I happened to come across a photo that I thought would be a perfect submission! Go rate it, give it your best caption, and wish Boomer well as she is recovering from surgery from having kidney stones! Poor thing!

Scope-Tech posted his breast cancer charity photo post and I am in it since I submitted a photo. It may be a photo of me in my wedding dress, but normally I'm a very modest woman who doesn't feel comfortable showing cleavage. Since I was drugged up on my wedding day (read My Love Story), I didn't notice or care that I was practically popping out of the top of my dress! It wasn't until we got photos back that I saw how bad it was. I asked Branden, "Why on earth didn't you tell me that I was showing that much cleavage!?!". He just responded with, "I thought you looked great!". Oh well, I ended up getting to use it for a good cause! Go check it out!

And finally, take a hop over to Elisa at Crazy Life of a Writing Mom. I was excited when she told me that I'm her featured blogger of the month! She has the ability to make you go through every emotion while reading just one of her blog posts. The stories about her kids are incredible and I can only hope and pray that mine end up half as creative as hers! Thanks for featuring me this month Elisa. I can't wait for your BOOK LAUNCH coming up this month!!!


  1. Hey lady! Man you are popular this week! I was going to do a piece on you next week but now I have to wait or people are gonna think I'm copying them. Sigh. Figures... Just so you know you are one of my favorite people and I'm glad you found my blog. :)
    Have a great weekend.

  2. Photo was CREEPY!!!!!!! I've seen it before and it still creeps me out.
    Your wedding cleavage wasn't too much. I bet you looked gorgeous.
    Have a fabulous weekend! Treat yourself to some Cadbury Eggs...just don't write and tell me how good they tasted.

  3. Nothing funny--I thought you looked beautiful in your wedding pictures!

  4. Melynda, I did start to feel like one of the cool popular girls this week (I supposed that's just what happens when you send someone a photo of your chest!). You're so sweet to want to do a piece on me!! You are easily one of my favorite people as you feel like a distant twin sister that happens to look nothing like me and are only just a few years old than me ;) Have a fab weekend!!

    Stephanie, I hope those kids don't end up severely disturbed from that photo! It creeps me out too!!
    My wedding cleavage wasn't too much for most people but I get self conscious if I just show a hint of boob line! I suppose it's just because I'm a top heavy girl so I don't want to draw any more attention to my girls if I can.
    Branden just brought home some Cadbury Screme Eggs (they have green instead of yellow in the middle!) and we just ate them. Don't worry, we thought about you the entire time ;) mmmmmmm....

    Fishducky, Percocet really helps with that new bride glow ;) (thanks!)

  5. Thanks for participating in the fun. Turnout was down this year (I didn't go out to the Book O'Faces and hit up all the estranged bloggers there), so you contribution really shined.

    Have a good weekend.

  6. Princess, You looked beautiful on your wedding day. You weren't popping out. You were perfection.


  7. Your wedding picture was really beautiful! That other one you found for Bodacious Boomer, though...ummm...yikes...LOL Where did you find that??

  8. Well done PCP. It looks like you are becoming famous? - Dave

  9. Look at you, all over the interwebs!

  10. Thanks for sharing some more awesome bloggers to follow. Just what I need. More blogs to not keep up with. ;) I would seriously spend HOURS reading blogs if I could. Congrats on being the featured blog. She made an excellent choice and your wedding cleave...not too much. I would have dunno...something super good to have had cleavage like that on my wedding day.


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