Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Some people just aren't cut out for advertising

Of course since I am now 'retired', I am put in the position to criticize the working's a tough job but somebody has to do it! Now before you get your hackles up, I'm pretty sure all of you hard working people will be taking my side at the end of this.

You are going to be starting up an online greeting card business. When it comes down to naming your company, you want something fabulous, catchy, cleaver, and obviously something to do with greeting cards.

Brainstorm ideas:
Cards for Cares
Snail Mail is for Losers

(I think you get the idea)

My brainstorm may not have provided a winning name but it makes me wonder how bad a brainstorm would have to be to settle on this name??

They say "Funky, fun, and free delivery" so I get the "funky" part but where does the pigeon come in??? I supposed they at least tried by having half of their name apply to their business UNLIKE this next greeting card company:

I'm all for being unique and having a catchy new angle on things but this is a bit of a puzzle to me. Do any of you get it?? What does a moon or a pig have to do with greeting cards?!

I have some guesses:
Either their brainstorm meeting took place in Amsterdam and they were all partaking of the local drug cuisine.
 They are all a bunch of new parents and came up with a name based on the children's toys they pulled out of the couch one day.

Although, who has a toy pigeon for their kid?

*Side note: Thanks everyone for your kind thoughts and prayers. I don't have any further information since my last post so I'm just in a waiting game. Hopefully I'll be making my blog rounds today.


  1. "Carrier pigeon" maybe? That's all I can think of right now.

  2. I am so glad you point these things out. Somebody needs to. And to that I say, "My dear, you are a total card" hee hee

  3. I don't understand moon pig, but I think pigeon refers to carrier pigeons.


  4. Wow, I completely missed the carrier pigeon concept... Although, I do consider myself to be a very simple minded individual so if I didn't get it (and I've seen these commercials for over 2 years now!) then I don't know if many people are getting it either!

  5. I got the "carrier pigeon" thing, but the pig--not so much. Maybe it's what the conpany's owner looks like. I'm not impressed by either of the companies. I use a company called "Someecards".

  6. It's like they just used a random word generator to smash two words together, and then used that as a business name.

  7. Thank you for the sweet (and funny) comments on my recent posts! It's always so nice to connect with you! And Peanut earned her dessert last night.

  8. PS--I like their slogan--"When you care enough to hit SEND".

  9. Apples don't have anythng to do with electronic equipment but that didn't stop Steve Jobs.

  10. It's a messenger pigeon! Oh, I see I'm not the first one to come up with the brilliant revelation ;P

  11. Sorry I don't have an answer for you kiddo. I can't make the dots connect.

  12. I read this and got Funk Cold Medina stuck in my head.

  13. yeah, the Funky Pigeon thing I could figure - carrier pigeon, but MoonPig is a stumper for me. Sometimes I look at the ads here in America and I'm convinced that all advertising people are 12 years old and high on crack. But then again, some CEO had to approve what they came up with, so that would mean the CEOs are 12 and high, too. Scary thought, but looking at the type of leadership we've had over here in the last many years it is entirely possible.

  14. Yes, some people's ideas take a bit of figuring out. Specially modern ideas. I think nationality might have something to do with it too? - Dave

  15. I got the carrier pigeon part, but I don't understand why he needs to ride a bike.

  16. I suspect they had tons of good ideas, but someone already had the website name, and want tonnes of cash for it, so they just picked something that they could get.


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