Thursday, November 3, 2011

My Parental Unit

As a lot of you saw yesterday, Branden and I went 'all out' to make a fun video for our nephew's 5th birthday. He absolutely loved it! Poor Chrissy has had to watch it 8 times (until the battery finally died in her computer) because her nephews have become hooked as well. My mom sent an email to us yesterday that had us cracking up (that woman is fabulous!). She did her own movie review and I can't resist sharing it:

Once again i was not disappointed in the creativity of this *our last name* classic.  This couple never ceases to outdo themselves in their expanse of imaginational musings.  I can truly say this is one of their best yet; blowing such others as "Little Bunny Foo Foo" and "Happy Birthday Ma" completely out of the water in epic proportions.  To include a few bloopers gives it a rare twist and the creation of the moving backdrop was ingenious to say the least.  I'd definately give this one 5 out of 5 stars----this film is a must see!
siskel and epert

ps.  while trying to type this out, i managed to make 625 spelling errors, fall off my chair, and finally finish my first cup of coffee.  I think I'm awake now.

I felt the need to share her email because maybe then my kind readers can start to understand where my humor comes from.

Then I ran across this old memory that I posted on my old blog back in July 2006:

My parents have been married for almost 26 years and would be absolutely lost without eachother. With that said, I have to tell on my dad. I'm sorry dad. You know I'm your little girl, but these are just too good to pass up!

About a year and a half ago, dad bought an airsoft assult rifle at some garage sale and wondered if those little plastic bb's actual hurt. Now a normal airsoft gun can leave a welt and sometimes a bruise when you're shot but the assult rifle is a bit worse! Dad first considered shooting the dog to see what kind of reaction he would get, but since that would be mean, he looked around for something more 'humane' to shoot. His eyes soon landed on my mom, who was all peaceful and content sitting in the he shot her in the back! Mom screamed and jumped up! She ended up with a pretty good welt and dad learned that yes, those plastic bb's really do hurt!

About a month ago, my parents were finally settled in bed when dad realized that he left his shop unlocked. It's down a hill and through some trees from the house and since he was tired, he decided that he was going to just leave it. The next thing he knew, mom was getting out of bed to go do it for him, in the dark! He was too tired to stop her, but a bit after she left he went out there to go with her. By this time she was already headed the dad got the "bright idea" to hide since she hadn't seen him. He crouched down, and when she walked by he let out a very low growel noise and grabbed her ankle! Mom fliped out and started crying because she was so scared. They live in a place with cougars and bears so I would have pissed my pants too! Dad felt so bad; he is still trying to make it up to her!

Now married for 31 years!

Since I posted a funny photo of my mom, it's only fair that I share one of dad as well. Luckily his airsoft gun can't reach me 4500 miles away!!

 This gem of a photo was taken on their honeymoon to Disney World. Look at those short shorts!!

I love and miss my parents so much. It's hard to be away from them at this time of the year but looking back on memories like these make it just a little easier.


  1. Aha! It's genetic! You have some truly lucky genes! :)

  2. I think all parents should try to be fun!!! Yours totally made it!

  3. They sounds like SOOO much fun :) I love that story about your dad teasing your mom by scaring her in the dark LOL!

  4. Stephanie, yes, I inherited an extra funny bone I think! :)

    Lisa, parents must be fun! I haven't even got started on my in-laws yet!

    Elisa, I felt really bad for mom but I completely laughed at what dad did!!

  5. I'm grinning like a moron right now. When I married my 1st husband the first thing i got rid of is what I call cluster muggers. (the shorts your dad is wearing fits in that category.) Having been shot by a pellet gun I know first hand how bad it can hurt and your mother has my sympathy. I was hoping you'd finish that by saying when he grabbed her ankle she shot him with the pellet gun. Now wouldn't that have been ironic? lol

  6. Melynda, cluster muggers!?! LOL that's hysterical! I never thought of how perfect it would have been if mom shot dad back but you are right, that would have been hilariously ironic!!!

  7. OMG!! I think I need psychiatric help. I'm starting to think like Melynda. That is exactly how I thought the story would end.

    MELYNDA--What are cluster muggers?

  8. I love the movie review, but when your dad frightened your mom, it would have been perfect if she'd had the air rifle and shot him.


  9. I'm definitely a "goofy parent". Sometimes, when the condo is quiet, and we are tucking our daughter into bed, I will bend down to give her a hug and then make a loud pig snort right in her ear.

  10. Your parents sound awesome. But then, you're pretty darn cool, so it had to come from somewhere. I'd like to think I could shrug off being hit by a bb, but....LOL

  11. I'm snorting at the face your mom is making in that Oral Pleasure picture.

    Also, I had to type "Oral Pleasure" out because it will bring you some strange hits from Google searches. You know, so when someone searches the term "oral pleasure" and "mom" in the same search bar, you'll know what kind of reader you're getting.

    No need to thank me.

  12. Fishducky, unfortunately my mom is too nice to shoot anyone (although she is an Annie Oakley when it comes to shooting at targets!).

    Lola, the movie review had us laughing so much! My mom seems to get more random and random as I get's fabulous!

    Scope, hahaha! Your poor daughter! (I may have to store that in the back of my head though for when I have kids!)

    Paige, Thank you! I've been hit by one of those airsoft bb's and they do hurt! Although, I'm quite a pansy...

    Joshua, I actually never saw that photo of my mom until yesterday. When I did, I busted up laughing and told Branden he had to see it! Knowing my mom, she is innocently showing her teeth (she is my innocent Granny's daughter after all!). Thanks for enticing more creepers to find my site...I don't even want to think about who would be looking for those two things...


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