Friday, January 6, 2012

Contest Winner Announcement!

I must say, you all had great ideas as to what I should now do with my Merry Christmas garland. I even had to sleep on my decision! I also had to have help from a panel of judges, aka: Chrissy, my mom, my sis, and Branden (technically Hunter was there too but he didn't exactly cast a vote). We did some slight adjustments to some of the entries and came up with a finalist list. The top 5 were (in no particular order...ok actually it's in the order they were entered)

My Rams Chest submitted by Joshua (we just changed it from My Ram Chests)

Hamsters Cry submitted by Fishducky (we changed it from Hamsters Cry Rim)

My Arms Itch submitted by Fishducky (although I didn't have support from Chrissy on this, because she was afraid that if our door was open and our housemates saw this above our bed they may become paranoid that we are horribly diseased)

Smash Time submitted by Scope (Branden personally really liked this one...he's such a guy!)

Rest My Rims submitted by Elisa (quite a good one for above a bed but also maybe strange since we don't have a car? We still liked it)

So, who will it be?? What conclusion did we come to??? For the most part, the vote was unanimous. This one got the best laughs and is the most fitting I think for our personalities.

The Winner is:

Congrats to Fishducky! I will be in touch and find out if you would prefer to claim your prize in the form of an interview with me or if you would like to share a story on my blog! 

I don't intend to leave this up until next Christmas. So, as I change it from month to month, I will choose one of the finalists and then others that I like. If I use yours, then I'll contact you that month and see if you would like to do an interview or share a story as well! It's a win win really. You can say you won something and I practically have you write my blog for me  ;)

You may ask why I chose to hang "Hamsters Cry" above my bed. I am not in support of hamster sadness or depression but it might make me happy to think of one of the adorable fuzzy creatures crying into his overly sized cheek pockets. A number of years ago, I had a friend that brought home a hamster from college. She had rescued it from living in a tiny cage in a guy's closet, as he was hiding it from the 'dorm police'. They weren't allowed to have pets on campus housing so she brought it home and I got stuck with it. Now, I love animals and think rodents to be especially cute, but this thing was not just demon possessed, he was Satan incarnate in a tiny fur suit! That monster was a biter, and the more I tried to get him used to people, the more vicious he became! 

His name was Stuart when I first got him but I changed it right away to Hannibal because of his love of human flesh. He would strike at the cage whenever he heard someone near, made my mom's knuckle bleed from a nasty bite, and later became severely racist. I started using leather gloves to handle him, and the easiest way to get him out of the cage was to just put your thick, leather clad finger into his territory and wait .000324 seconds for him to latch on to you. The only way to get him off was to shake him off. We discovered that he was a racist rodent when the friend who bestowed him upon me, tried picking him up with black leather gloves. He went nuts and attacked it more fiercely than we ever saw him strike at anything. 

Since I don't like mean nasty biters or racists, we found a new home for him. He went to a lady who bred hamsters. She introduced him slowly to the other hamsters but he ended up eating a baby hamster, so she had him put down...

...I hope it was with her cat! And I hope that cat played with him for a long time. Ok, I'm not one for animal suffering but he ATE A BABY!!! The real Hannibal didn't even eat a baby!

So yes, "Hamsters Cry" above my bed will give me sweet sweet dreams, remembering that nasty little rodent who got his come up ins!

Moral of the Story: Never be racist because you too will become a monster who eats babies!


  1. I'm so excited I could spit--& anyone who knows me will tell you I hardly ever spit!

    As Sally Field said, when accepting her Oscar: "You like me! You really like me!"

  2. Oh Fishducky! We do really like you!

    I loved the hamster story. Hannibal was a beast. Nicely written Maggie! You had me cracking up!
    Have a great weekend! Peanut is with her dad all weekend, so I'm spending mine with Rudolph!!!! Giggle.

  3. I also really liked My Arms Itch by Fishducky. Either way, it looks like you got the right contestant!! Bravo!! Bravo!!

  4. I can imagine why Branden would want "Smash Time" up above the bed.


  5. I'm still casting a vote for "Smash Time."

  6. Hamsters are cannibals? I had no idea. EWWW....

  7. Hamsters are delicious!!!

    Some weird third world country

  8. He probably went mental because you called him Stuart. That's no name for a Hamster.

  9. Way to go Fishducky, and the hamster story, I have a gerbil story weirdly similiar, darn rodents.

  10. ...I am not in support of hamster sadness or depression! Still laughing!
    Good choice, I like that: hamsters cry. I have to say, my limited hamster experiences haven't been great either. The one I had to babysit that belonged to a friend's son, died in his maze while on my watch. The little bugger smelled like pee.

  11. Whoa, Maggie! I never knew you had such violent thoughts about hamsters. If that hamster bit, I bet he had a good reason. He was probably abused by Mommy and Daddy Hamster. Or the guy who kept him in the closet.

    Janie "Lola"

  12. Fishducky, We love you, we really love you! Congrats!!

    Stephanie, I'm glad you liked my beast story! Have a fabulous weekend ;)

    Lil Dreamer, At some point I will have to use My Arms Itch even if it does make me sound diseased!

    Scope...he's a guy, it's no surprise ;)

    Joshua, it will probably need to be used next month since it will be Valentines Day and nothing entices romance more than Smash Time above a bed! lol

    Boomer, I didn't know either and I would have been perfectly happen never knowing too!

    Steve, I think in Peru they eat guinea pigs so hamsters could be like appetizers.

    Tony, he came named Stuart, as in Stuart Little, and I hated it from the get go. Luckily he bit me right off so I was able to change his name within about 5 minutes of being in my custody.

    Carol, I can imagine gerbils would be similar. I did end up having a very sweet guinea pig named Lucy later. She never bit and was full of character.

    Sandra, hahaha, I hope he died a miserable and confusing death in his maze! Muahahahaha!

    Janie, he would never show me on doll where they touched him but I had my suspicions....
    btw, been missing you lately!

  13. LMAO! I LOVE this blog! You just made me laugh so hard. Awesome pick :)

    P. S. Thanks for the mention. I'm so proud to be in the top 5. ;)

  14. OH MY GOD!!!! Is that hamster story for real? I'm equally horrified but laughing my head off!

  15. Thank you for missing me. It really pleases me when someone notices I'm gone -- not that I want to make anyone sad but because it's nice some people know I'm alive. I'm getting back into reading and commenting. I hope you'll come over to Janie Junebug to read and comment. I love hearing from you.


  16. I hope not Maggie! What a nasty little beast! - Dave

  17. Elisa, thanks for the good suggestion! It will make it's way onto our wall at some point! ;)

    Vixen and Dave, yes it's totally true. Sadly, whatever I write is all my life and I couldn't make it up if I wanted to! Hannibal was the nastiest beast ever!

    Janie, You sent me the link to access your blog (which it let me do for one day) but it won't let me on again and I can't even see that you have a blog anymore. I was afraid you entirely shut down but secretly hoped that you were maybe just temporarily closing it so you could re-launch. Please send me a link as I can't find you anywhere! I need my Janie and Dirty Lola fix! ;)


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